Replies - Winnie and Maudie - 1996

========= Knox, Winnie Knox Files ================================

Winn Knox Files (attended 47-57) address & phone number correct on list (6/96)

Fondest memories: friends, hiking, playing jokes on teachers, special events: concerts, plays, retreats, sports; drinking condensed milk on Saturday mornings; warm jellabies at the bazaar

To forget: red jello, the scum on the warm cups of milk; scared of Miss McGee (Standard 2); the ayahs sharp nails when washing her hair; dhobi day and Harringbone's tirades.

Since Woodstock: presently working part time as a supervisor (nursing?), on 12 hour night shifts at the hospital and part time on a degree in Women's Studies; belongs to lots of groups and keeps busy as the minister's wife. Spends a month sailing every Summer with Les (the North Channel is their favorite spot) and have lead tours to various countries; practices Hindi on her Indian patients.

Family: feels lucky that all four children live in the same city: Yvonne is married and works in the same hospital, Colleen has a contract with the University, Stephen is with Wilderness Reforestation and hopes to use his science degree; Dave lives at home and is in 4th year Biochemical Engineering

With husband Les, hopes to spend 5 weeks in India in Feb 1997, when their mission celebrates 100 years; will visit Woodstock and maybe South India.

===== Brookshier, Maudie Lee Brookshier Davis ============================

(Maudie) Lee Brookshier Davis (attended 53-57). Address change after 12/1/96: 1401 Mayhurst, Mclean, VA 22102, FAX: 703-641-4769 or 8459 (call first).

Fondest memories: fun in dorms, illegal midnight soirees throwing powdered milk at each other; celebration of India's Independance Day dressed in saris; weekends wandering the countryside; walk to town with allowance, Kwality's; cold March and November nights burrowed in bed; beautiful winter lights which always meant imminent journey to home and family; wonderful cameraderie; faces of friends who never grew older in our memories and the friends that we have seen who after a few moments, are again the faces we remember.

To forget: the cold, wet soggy cucumber sandwiches, throwing them to the crows who greedily caught them in the air; the monkeys who danced on the tin roofs of College every Saturday morning at first light - the only day when one had one more hour to sleep; the wicked, hated bell which rang for breakfast, for prayers, for lunch on weekends, for dinne, for study hall, for lights out; the moonsoons which never seemed to end: the leeches, the longing to be totally dry forever; the dense, dense fog which silently crept over the valley and magnified every sound; the dark, dark days that never seemed to go away; the snake charmers who sat in the middle of the path leading to Walker Hall and refusing to let one pass until one viewed their latest catch of unmilked cobras; the kite (a poisonous 8 inch snake) found in the girls bathroom, wrapped around one of the toilets; the mailbox which one haunted - the long day at school and the anxious walk to the dorm, hoping for a letter from home.

Since Wookstock: left in 57, stayed in Texas with grandparents and visited parents during school breaks while they were posted in central Chile for 5 years; attended U Texas fall of 59, stayed in Chile for a year and taught at the USIA Cultural Institute; returned to college in DC; married an Euadorian in 61 and had 2 wonderful children; in 70 started career in learning retailing: spent a few years in management then went into buying (for 23 stores from Baltimore to DC); following divorce in 74, went into manufacturing and became one of the first women in the office supply industry to travel VA, MD, DC and sold to every university, college or look alike college; quit in 90 after 3 company merges; married in 92 to John Davis, a native of Hogansville, GA; these days play at fundraising, some volunteer, some paid; presently External Vice President of the National Conference of State Societies based in DC - works with Congress, the embassies and corporations, works the Cherry Blossom Festival in April (they field 50 state and 4 territorial princesses, started to include international princesses in 95); also Executive Secretary of State of Illinois and one of the chairman of the Illinois Inaugural Ball last Jan 19 - hopes to provide scholarships to aspiring civic and govnment students to work as interns in Illinois congressmen's and senators' offices.

Daughter Sabrina Lee, a mortgage broker in northern VA has 2 beautiful daughters, 4 years and 6 months old (Erin Moscoso, b. Feb 1992 and Melissa Moscoso, b. Nov 1995); son Michael graduated from U MD and works for Lockheed Martin in VA and pursuing a carrer in Secured Security, also has 2 beautiful daughters, 4 years and 8 months old (Kelsey, b. Mar 1992 and Lindsey, b. Jan 1996). (Lee is preparing the older one to be President of the US someday!)

Interested in a reunion at Woodstock and prepared to spend 2 weeks there in 98, to work with students in relation to either their reentry or first entry in the US and its society - would like to set up such a program or enhance one in place.

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