Replies 96 - Bonnie, Li, Barbara, and Gail

=== McGraw, Bonnie McGraw Carpenter ==================================

Bonnie McGraw at Woodstock is now Bonnie Carpenter. At Woodstock from 1955-1959 except for Mar-May of 1957 when we were on furlough. Address/ phone # on your list is right

Fondest memories: Hiking and camping on the 10-day vacation and the 4 day October vacation, going out of boarding with Sally Taylor, square dances particularly the annual square dance at Eastwood, slumber parties, birthday parties shared with Joie Garlow (Her birthday was the day after mine), climbing out the window and walking on the ledge outside from room to room after lights out, short-sheeting beds, retreats--particularly the one with E. Stanley Jones, smoking out a black bear on a hike with the Forsgrens, reaching Nag Tiba, Going down day, Singing Woodstock songs, basketball games, unforgettable teachers like Miss Marley, Mr. Stoddard, Miss Burch, the Rughs and the Burgoynes (with whom I travelled from Istanbul to Woodstock in May of 1957).

What I should forget--inhumane discipline that clung to the letter of the law/rules and ignored the spirit of the rule particularly in the dorm in 6B--Miss Cressey I think it was who was often totally unreasonable when I was new at Woodstock and knew no-body and hadn't learned the survival tricks that I eventually acquired. Being gated for weekends. Gil says he was at the bottom of the social scale in H.S.--I always felt I was--maybe we all did.

Occupation--A little of everything--taught Jr. High science, mostly I've worked in biomedical research and hospital labs, in between I've done secretarial work; currently I'm enrolled at Boston University School of Theology--hoping to go into the ministry for a few years before retiring.

Children--Deborah, born 1968, is married and working in the costume shop of the Sacramento Theater, Josiah(Si), born 1971, is married and working for P.C. Family Magazine in Northampton MA; Si' s wife, Elena works for Yale Univ. Press. Fred, born 1969, my step-son, also works in Northampton at a pet store--reptiles and amphibians are his particular interest. Fred and Sandy are parents of Christopher, born Jan 1996.

Re. Reunion--Would love to go, but don't see how it would be financially feasible given the bills from going back to school.

=== Chu, Li Chu =======================================================

Name: Li Chu
Name while at Woodstock: Li-chiang Years at Woodstock: 49 - 52. Address on attached list correct

Fondest memories of Woodstock: the rhodendendon trees, playing on the hillside, the girl friends (we were at an age where boys were not friendly); the upper dorm, socks darned with colored thread by a color blind tailor

What I want to forget about my years at Woodstock : boiled beans with spring onions; monitors at the exits of lunchrooms whenever menus were not popular: "did you clean your plate?"

What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock): after Woodstock, I transferred to a French lycee, took a French baccalaureat, went to UC Berkeley, where I got a BA in Biochemistry and a MA in Nutritional Sciences. I've been with two companies since graduation, 5 years at Burroughs Wellcome in both NY (where I found Alice Sokolove) and NC, and since 1974 have been at ALZA Corporation in Palo Alto, CA. I worked on the development of several of the skin patches that deliver medication thru the skin and hold the record of the most number of different positions held in the company (including running manufacturing for several years); my latest position is as Senior Corporate Analyst, where one of my major responsibilities is to coordinate the budgeting process for the corporation. I'm in an enviable postion since I've made it known to my boss, the CFO, that I will retire when I no longer enjoy what I do (i.e. if he doesn't keep me mentally challenged), so I can pretty much pick and choose what I do.

My children and grandchildren (and what they do): none, but have several nieces and their children who live near by and whom I can enjoy

I'd be interested in a reunion at Woodstock in March - May 1998: I am prepared to spend 2-3 weeks there and to volunteer these services/expertise: analyst of all kinds of data, teaching use of software packages

=== Judy, Barbara Judy Bowes ================================================

Barbara Judy Bowes (attended 56-59) - address & phone number correct on list (6/96); email:

Fondest memories: dear friends that will always be part of her family.

To forget: monsoons, leaches; trying to type in typing class with fingers that were numb with cold.

Since Woodstock: graduated from WVU in Home Ec; worked for 3 years in Cooperative Extension, then went to Michigan State for Masters in Extension Education and also completed course work & prelims for PhD in Communications. Married, moved to ND for 4 years, then to Seattle in 74. Now separated & works as Patient Service Rep at the Surgery Dept at UWashington Med Center.

Family: one daughter Carolyn graduated from Parson's of NY-Paris, lives in VT and engaged to law student, with planned wedding in March 97.

Would like to spend 2-3 weeks at Woodstock in 1998.

=== Pilley, Gail Pilley Harris ================================================

Name: Gail Pilley Harris [19 July 1996]
Address: 3404 Andy Harris Road, Rockford, Tn. 37853; phone: 423-983-5652
Years at Woodstock: 1955-1957

Unforgettable memories: Arriving at Woodstock during the monsoons; riding a rickshaw from Mussoorie to the school; feeling sorry for the coolies, I kept leaning forward, thinking to ease their burden. They kept yelling at me to sit back. Robin paid them 10 rupees for the trip. Once at the Quad, someone pointed the College out to me during a very brief break in the mist; my new home. When I finally got to the College I was given a small tub of hot water to take a bath. I sat in it feeling very lonely. Other memories: bats flying in the window at night; monkeys in the "frying pan"; square dances; hiking to Nag Tiba: learning to type with cold fingers; Sports Day (one year I got third place in the high jump - only 4 in competition); Mr. Stoddard's geometry class; memorizing Caesar's Gallic Wars in Latin; my first crush, my first kiss, (unfortunately, not the same person); organizing the talent show for Sale Day; the winter line; the smell of pines; having my first grilled cheese sandwich at Mrs. Stoddard's house; hiding the bell during study hall and then having to retrieve it in front of everyone after the entire study hall was threatened with demerits; hiding in Maren and Ann's room with the rest of Addison Wing after lights out; C.E. retreats. I think I could go on a lot longer and more memories would come back, the memories that made Woodstock the most important experience of my adolescent life.

Memories to forget: my first kiss, homesickness, being hazed by Hazel Word soon after I arrived; sewing class (I've hated sewing ever since); not being pretty or among the group of elite class girls; not being as smart as Carol Fordham or as witty as Gita; Mr. Floyd's "cornering behavior"; getting food poisoning after an Indian Independence banquet. That's enough of what I want to forget.

: I graduated from Vanderbilt in 1962, got a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Vandy in 1967, got married to Jim Harris in 1967, taught at Fisk University; moved to Rockford in 1970, taught at Maryville College; adopted two boys, began my education all over again. Because of my sons' problems, I quit teaching, stayed home, learned how to milk cows, helped my husband create a market for strawberries and corn (still going on). I became concerned over uncontrolled development in beautiful east Tennessee and helped start the Foothills Land Conservancy which has now protected over 6000 acres. I went back to work in 1990, directing a jobs program for welfare mothers in rural Monroe County. The drive of 100 miles a day got old and in 1992 I became Director of Community Services at the Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC). I remember being voted "most likely to succeed" in our sophomore year at Woodstock. I wonder now what that means. Have I succeeded? Who knows. I do know that most of the time I am happy. I live in a beautiful old white farmhouse. Out of my kitchen window I can see our big red barn against the blue Smokies in the distance. We have pileated woodpeckers, deer, foxes, not to mentioned groundhogs, skunks, bluebirds, Bobwhites and other wildlife. Eight cats, unwanted by other humans, live with me and bring me joy. I have a beautiful 1 year old granddaughter, Abigail. My dream is to eventually retire, create flower gardens everywhere and build a tree house in one of the magnificent oaks behind my house. I am at peace with myself, in spite of finally realizing the religion of my parents and grandparents does not work for me. There are times when I am terribly burdened with the cruelties of the world, but I am working to explore ways of saving humankind through a different understanding of why and how we behave. I have bored you long enough. Each of you has a special place in my memory and in who I am today. I am very grateful.

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