June 1996

Several 59ers. Including -
Marocco, Bill | Dunkelberg, Ray | Bucher, Scott | Knierim, Willie | Becker, Marilyn Becker Peters | Downie, Joyce Downie Chapman | Carol Fordham | Sawhney, Vinode

And -
Robison, Tom | Osgood, Gil | Day, Jack | Friesen, Weldon

=== Several 59ers. 27 June 1996 ========================================

From: li.chu@ALZA.COM
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:54:38 -0700
Message-ID: <1d2bd580@ALZA.COM>
Subject: Re: Another Welcome ...

Having just received a message that the message below was "unable to
deliver", I thought I'd try sending it out again - my apologies if you
receive twice since I could not decode whether any message got thru ... Li

I received a letter from Bill yesterday and have added his comments to
others who have responded by mail .... Bill, here's the 59 email list
that's been growing! .... Li

Messages received from Class of 1959:
=== Marocco, Bill Marocco ===========================================

Bill Marocco (attended 53-57) - address on list is business, home: 13-31 Gein 3 chome/Mino-shi/ Osaka 562, Japan; phone 81-727-28-7981; email bbd (6/96)

Fondest memories: friends, scenery, hikes (treks); excellent teachers; ghost stories after lights out.

To forget: Ridgewood food; the Hornet (Mr. Pickett's paddle)

Since Woodstock: family moved to TX in 57, finished high school in Dallas; graduated from Southern Methodist U (SMU) in 65 with BA in Music Education; MA (69) from West Texas State U; taught music (band director) for 28 years in TX; married Brenda in 65, 3 sons: Peter (21) in Marine Drum & Bugle Corps (DC), Andrew (19) at Vanderbilt, Daniel (16).

Moved to Japan (93) to teach music in an experimental cross cultural school sponsored by a group of large Japanese corporations.

Would llike to visit Woodstock for 1-2 weeks during Spring break (3/16-4/1).

=== Dunkelberg, Ray Dunkelberg =======================================

Ray Dunkelberg (attended 57-58) - address & phone number correct on list (6/96)

Fondest memories: long hikes with Henry Pressler & Jerry Judy; yukking it up with Willie K; cream & jam on toast at breakfast; the scholarship - bright kids!; coach Forsgren; dating Jane Schroeter; playing basketball throughout Northern India at Christmas brake; the Olympics - we won!

To forget: too short - wished they had lasted longer

Since Woodstock: too busy - worked all through college & medical school, and still busier than he wants to be; practices internal medicine & nephrology in small, western NC mountains that reminds him a lot of Woodstock

Family: son does magnificent wood carvings & unique & haunting paintings; daughter just graduated from college (major: environmental health) - looking for work

=== Bucher, Scott Bucher ============================================

Scott Bucher (attended 57-59) - address correction: 5665 Sugar Creek Court/Norcross, GA 30093, USA/ phone: 770-923-8438 (6/96)

Fondest memories: sports, suspension at hard labor with the Robison Gang

To forget: dahl, Sadie Hawkins Day

Since Woodstock: graduated from Maryville College, spent 3.5 years in Navy (narrowly escaping Vietnam); then worked as an actuary for an insurance company in Chattanooga, TN; currently working for an insurance company in Norcross where he hopes to hang on for 7 years and then retire.

Family: 2 children, 2 step-children, 4 step-grandchildren

=== Knierim, Willie Knierim =========================================

Willie Knierim (attended 57-59) - address & phone number correct on list (6/96) - received a call from Kathy Horton as she was traveling through CO - with the list!

Fondest memories: the people & the place; Field Day, May Day; Miss Marley; Mr. Chitamber, the Burgoynes, Tehri road, College, Ridgewood, Hostel, Natu; the Forsgrens; BRSPK; Petrushka, the Khud, the Bazaar; Cottages, Dr. Fleming; Nehru, Dalai Lama, Haile Selasse; Dehra Dun.

To forget: cucumber sandwiches

Since Woodstock: attended Linfield College OR, transferred to U Colorado & received both BA and MPA (Public Administration); met & married Pattie Maines; 2 sons: Kurt, teacher in Fort Collins, Peter, copywriter in advertising in NYC; this Spring, concluded a 33 year career in education as teacher, curriculum coordinator, Teacher Association President, Education Consultant and Advocate.

The future: running for the Colorado legislature, marble sculpting, hiking, reading, writing, travel, bow hunting, community involvement & enjoying wife & family.

=== Becker, Marilyn Becker Peters ======================================

Marilyn Becker Peters (attended 53-54) - alternate address: 1161 N Skyline #1, phone: 208-529-8218 (6/96)

Fondest memories: going to the bazaar; eating hambanjos & chocolate ice cream sodas at Kwality's; walking through the mists in August; learning Hindi; playing jacks & rook; attending basketball games; sunsets

To forget: the 3 times she got malaria; the tapeworm; the despair she felt the first 6 weeks, the unloving matron; when Phil M. fell in love with someone else; the wake-up gong; the spiders.

Since Woodstock: returned to OH, then CO; went to Chile in 58; attended U Colorado and graduated in 63 PBK with BA in Spanish; taught Spanish for a short time then moved with husband to Idaho where she's been for the last 32 years; taught Spanish to adults in Community Education Program for several years; currently working with computers, doing billing for Medicaid & typing up mental health evaluations by licensed social workers.

Family: Gregory (32) engineer with Argonne National labs in Idaho Falls, his son Jason, almost 4 already reads; Cherylyn (30) in the Children's Dept of the public library in town, son Chris (20) in pre-architecture at U Utah.

Plans to spend up to 4 weeks at Woodstock: teaching Spanish & English

=== Downie, Joyce Downie Chapman ===================================

Joyce Downie Chapman: address correct (5/96)

Living with husband Peter near Brisbane; only 1 hour by air north of Sydney, in case anybody attends the 2000 Olympics there; reporting rains, finally after a 6 years drought; says hello.

=== Fordham, Carol Fordham ====================================

Carol Fordham (info courtesy of her brother Ernie - class of 47) (7/95)

Teaching in Alaska, near Anchorage; graduated from Wittenberg College, taught school in Fort Collins, Southern California and mostly in Alaska; went to visit Norway in Summer 95.

=== Sawhney, Vinode Sawhney =========================================

Vinode Sawhney: address correct (8/95)

Opened own law office in March 95 in Saipan; would be interested in meeting the group somewhere in India but not in Mussorie in March - too cold!

From: li.chu@ALZA.COM
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:43:32 -0700
Subject: Another welcome in line ....

Dear Li,
I received your update letter and will send you the updates I have via
email instead of using the form you sent.
=== Robison, Thomas J. Robison =================================

Name: Thomas J. Robison Years at Woodstock: 1957-1959

Address on attached list: Correct, but the last name is ROBISON not

ROBINSON. Phone Number: 509-946-0801 Email:

Fondest Memories of Woodstock: Looking out over the plains towards Derha Dun and seeing the winter-line, walks in the woods, walking into town to see a movie and have some good food.

What I want to forget: roast pork dinners that are not done, and powdered eggs.

What I do these days: I work for a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, known as Boe ing Computer Services. I manage a group of 40 software engineers who develop and maintain various business applications running on mainframe computers, and client server platforms. I also volunteer considerable time with the Episcopal Church, in my parish, the Diocese and nationally. I do some gardening, but not enough from the looks of the place.

Children: We have three boys, two of them, Brian and Robert, are twins who are 32 years old, and the youngest, Kenneth, is 28. Brian is currently teaching English in Chungju City, So. Korea, along with his girlfriend, Traci. They are planning to get married in July, 1997. Robert is a Vice President of US Bank in the automobile dealer financing department. He works in Yakima Washington. Robert is married and has a 5 year old daughter, whom we get to see often. Kenneth is also teaching English in Chungju City, So Korea. When Brian and Traci were teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand, we were able to visit them for Thanksgiving.

I am always interested in reunions, but we will not be able to attend the one at Woodstock in 1998.

=== END. Several 59ers ==================================================

=== Osgood, Gil Osgood ================================================

From Gil Osgood, mid-June 1996.

Name at Woodstock: Gilbert Osgood

Years at Woodstock: 1947-51 and 53-59; I was actually in Landour in 43 and 44 as a toddler but I have no memories of that time.

Fondest memories of Woodstock: The view out over the Dun and the monsoon clouds swirling around us and obscuring that view; some outstanding teachers such as Guy Lott in 6a and 6b; the hiking; the views of the snow peaks; the silence at night with only the sound of the crickets; the cold starting to bite at the end of the year; going down day; piano recitals by Mr. Kaufmann; plays in Parker Hall; the Woodstock Sale; khud climbing; trips to the bazaar and eating jellabies hot; movies at the Rialto and Picture Palace and the Majestic; my birthday dinners at Kwality's restaurant; picnics at the Haunted House; Prayer Flag Hill and Smith's swimming hole; the winter line; Going Down Day; and on and on.

What I want to forget about my years at Woodstock: (Actually, I don't want to forget - I just think these things were unfortunate or painful) Going into boarding particularly when I was very young (1949 was the first time); the harrassment of certain individuals in the dorms (Dan Fritschle and Paul Fasnacht at Ridgewood and Ricky Gauthier at the Hostel come to mind); Norman and I being accused of being homosexual by a group of boys led by Dave Manton and Bruce Sellars (I wasn't even sure what the word meant at the time); not learning Hindi; not having more contact with the other schools in Mussoorie; not being very tolerant of any religion except main stream protestantism; Miss Powell who was a tyrant of a piano teacher; being at the top of the social order all through primary and elementary school and then being at the bottom of the social order all through High School; being exceedingly self righteous and rule bound (Winnie tells me that I once turned her in for passing a note in class; I don't remember this but I find it very believable i.e. if I can't let myself bend any rules nobody else is going to get away with anything around here either!) etc. etc.

My children and grandchildren: I have no children of my own. I do have 5 step children from my first marriage and 8 (as of this August) step grandchildren.

Woodstock 1998: I'm interested but it looks doubtful at this point. I'm thinking about waiting until 2004 when Woodstock will be celebrating its 150th and I will have retired.

Gil Osgood

=== End Osgood, Gil Osgood ==============================================

=== Day, Jack Day =====================================================

From Jack Day, mid-June 1996.

Name: Jack Day

Name while at Woodstock: Jack -- also known as Jackson

Years at Woodstock: 4.5 (1954-1955, 1955-1956, 1956-1957. 1958-1959).

Phone: 410-964-9620. I now have a pukka fax machine attached to this same #, it listens for computer talk and seizes control if it hears it.

Fondest memories of Woodstock:
The hikes, the exploration, the feeling of achievement of reaching a peak or toughing it out through a long journey in the rain. School achievements--class papers for Modern European History. Despite the kidding that went with it, getting elected "Boy Hostel Council President." Having a few girls say yes to a date after overcoming the terror of making the request. Coming back to Woodstock after being totally miserable for a year in a high school in New Jersey and having a ball our senior year. Coming up to choir practice from working on the rock pile the week we were suspended and realizing that we were not going to be shunned by the other students, in fact we were almost admired.

What I want to forget about my years at Woodstock -- the loneliness of being away from home; the Jesus saves trips laid on by the fundamentalists;

What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock). I'm an independent consultant specializing in managed care and primary care project development. Currently working with a company out of Phoenix, Arizona which is helping Maryland community health centers (non-profits with a big Medicaid population) become an HMO to meet the state's deadline of January 1. Went into healthcare in 1973, got an MPH from UNC Chapel Hill in 1987. Some international experience, got to do a cost-benefit analysis of the family planning program at Tata Steel in Jamshedpur, India in 1987-1989. Before 1973 has a short stint in the active United Methodist ministry, including one year as a chaplain in Vietnam. Still do it for fun, not pay; am Maryland State Council Chaplain for Vietnam Veterans of America. Married in 1964, 1971 and 1989. This one's a keeper. Fran works at Social Security, sings in a chorus, and went with me for a 10 day holiday in the Czech Republic a couple of months ago.

My children and grandchildren (and what they do). Two children, both 30. Son James Wesley works for a health care management company in New York. Daughter Catherin Lynn is married in Natchitoches, Louisiana, where she went to school, and we have granddaughters aged 2 and 4. The two year old seems to be teaching my daughter capabilities of Windows 95 that my daughter didn't know about. Heaven knows what this generation will become!

Reunion -- not sure. 1998 is possible; in 1997 a group of Vietnam veteran clergy I'm mixed up with is going back to Vietnam and that will be the trip for the year. Weeks there would have to be taken from occupational pursuits--not ready to retire yet. That limits the time. Not sure what to volunteer--that's a topic that needs more discussion.

=== END. Day, Jack Day ===============================================

=== Friesen, Weldon Friesen =============================================

Weldon Friesen (from him, mid-June 1996)

[What Weldon does or has done since Woodstock:]
Just thought I would write a bit about myself to become reacquainted with those of you with whom I haven't had contact in the past 4 to 40 years. (That includes all of you). The last person I saw was Dick Smith at Landour in November of '92. And the last thing he did was to loan me a chain and padlock to secure our luggage and make sure it wouldn't get stolen on the overnight train from Dehra Dun to Delhi.

I have been in Family Practice with a group in Middlebury, IN since the fall of '71 when LuEtta and I returned from a 3 year term in India under the Mennonite Mission Board. We have 3 children who are adults, have finished college, and are for the most part on their own. Those of you who receive Habitat World from Habitat for Humanity International in Americus GA, will find Cynthia Friesen listed as one of the graphic artists. I have not done anything worthy of fame or fortune, such as writing books or being able to put 10 degrees from Princeton and Harvard behind my name. My mechanical and inventive nature keeps coming back to... perhaps a better exam table for PAP smears for you ladies, with comfortable stirrups to put your feet in, and a push-button conveyor that would scoot you down and back without any effort on your part. (It would be a real plus with some of my old arthritic patients, or the several that have paraplegia.) I have also been thinking of a more effective apparatus for CPR, after a patient had a cardiac arrest in my office 3 weeks ago. Fifteen years ago in a similar situation the patient was successfully cardioverted 45 minutes later in the emergency room and recovered neurologically. The last patient however, though we cardioverted him in route to the hospital he ended up with loss of all cortical function of the brain from cerebral hypoxia. My idea is that if you fix the diaphragm and the rib cage, any increase in intrathoracic pressure would cause cardiac compression. Cardiac output could be maintained pneumatically by way of an endotracheal tube, at the same time maintaining ventillation.

The practice of medicine has changed markedly in our community in the past year or so as the field has suddenly opened to managed care organizations and every one is trying to stake a claim. Hospitals are out to defend and expand their turf, and are purchasing physicians practices as well as getting into the managed care act. It has become a nightmare for physicians getting prior approval and authorizations for hospitalizations and procedures, as well as for the office personnel in coding, filing insurance etc. At times taking an early retirement looks pretty inviting, and if I were 62 (8 more years) I probably would. We have 3 additional physicians joining our group next month so things should lighten up somewhat anyway.

LuEtta and I continue to be involved in our church. Last week I helped her with teaching in Summer Bible School 5 evenings. With the children gone we have grown closer in our relationship than ever in the past. We bought each other bicycles for our birthdays 2 years ago and enjoy biking around our countryside early mornings or on weekends. If there are other bicycle enthusiasts it be fun to arrange several days of biking together. I also enjoy woodworking with a particular interest in making baroque wooden recorders. I have been toying with the idea of making one of the contra bass recorders, an octave lower that the usual bass and measuring about 7 feet in length. (Just a dream at this point)

A Woodstock Reunion in 1998?:
A reunion at Woodstock in May '98 sounds interesting, especially since that year is also the centenial celebration of the founding of Mennonite mission work in India. If my parents' health holds up (they are presently in their 80s) they, and especially my father who grew up in India, are considering being present for that. I would assume that that celebration would be during a cooler time of the year however, which makes 2 trips to India in the same year less likely for us. Perhaps we could arrange some sort of a short term assignment for ourselves that would span the time of both events.


=== End Friesen, Weldon Friesen ======================================

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