55, lunches, breakfasts 11Mr98 - Norm

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 07:47:26 -0800
From: Norm
Subject: Age 55, etc. [lunches]

Thanks for your birthday greetings, which eventually reached me yesterday, in spite of your attempt to time them correctly. I think the MAF e-mail system was having problems when you first tried to send it, but they say it's all right now.

I hadn't thought about being a senior citizen and having financial advantages, but you are right. I'll have to stay alert for such opportunities when I am next in the States. I don't think that these advantages are found much in Asia, though I believe that a number of organizations in Indonesia require you to retire at age 55.

I was interested in your query about Woodstock lunches. My tastes have always tended toward the vegetarian, so I think that I can definitely state that we did NOT have vegetarian curry every lunch. If we had, I would have enjoyed it, whatever color the cauliflower was. However, my memory is that in general the lunches bordered on the inedible, and that I did most of my eating at Hostel, where I tended to enjoy the food. "Inedible" for me would usually mean that it was based on some sort of gristly meat, perhaps of the hamburger variety.

The main memory of Hostel was the special Sunday breakfasts, which also included cornflakes and fresh cream. Remember how there would be a cup of fresh cream per table, and we would spend each week trading various things for shares in the cream. There were two points of view as to how the cream should be dealt with. Some people liked to whip it into butter, whereas I preferred to mix it with the cornflakes (and a little sugar) and just eat cornflakes and cream (no milk).

It is now Wednesday, and I am in Manila working on a project. Friday I fly to Bangkok, hopefully meeting son Rowan in the Bangkok airport BEFORE we are due to board our plane for Delhi en route to our week in Woodstock.

All for now ...


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