November 1996

Several 59ers. Including -
Leech, Ian | Mundhenk, Norman | Smith, Dick

From: li.chu@ALZA.COM
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 11:59:53 -0800
Subject: Some more messages received from old classmates ....
=== Leech, Ian Leech =================================================

Ian Leech - (Leechie) (attended 48-52 & 54-58)

Fondest memories: climbing Nag Tiba, Sports Days, hiking, girl friends, Saturday walks into Mussoorie, Going Down Day

To forget: leaving home, studying for Senior Cambridge exams mailed from England

Since Woodstock: BS Agriculture, B. Physical Ed; high school teacher in Hamilton ON and two years in Barbados; wife Daryl is math and PE teacher; became elementary school teacher librarian for 24 years; just retired; looking for a new job.

Daughter Deanna, fourth year in Human Kinetics at U. British Columbia; son Danny in grade 13 at home.

Reunion at Woodstock: interested but don't think can afford; interested in travelling but not serious about it right now.

=== Mundhenk, Norman Mundhenk ================================

Norm Mundhenk (attended 55-56 & 57-59) phone and fax number correct

Fondest memories: basically positive; enjoyed the friends, the studies, the setting, the whole experience; meals at Hostel were reasonably good, but used to hate lunches at the Quad; also enjoyed going out on hikes but never did learn to like carrying heavy backpacks.

Since Woodstock: working as a translations officer with the United Bible Societies; have worked in Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and Indonesia and in Papua New Guinea since end of 75; not doing Bible translations but training translators in a number of languages and helping them to do their work in the best possible way; met wife Alice Tegenfeldt in Vietnam (daughter of missionaries in Burma, attended but did not graduate from Kodai); have six children, first two adopted in Vietnam, Rita, Rhonda (now in law school in Chicago), Renee (just finished college), Raewyn (beginning college at Eastern, near Philadelphia), Ruthie Dot (a Dalat School in Penang, Malaysia) and Rowan (only son, in 7th grade at home in Mount Hagan).

Interested in reunion at Woodstock but not sure what family and work related commitments will be; unlikely to manage more than one week.

=== Smith, Richard R. Smith ================================

Richard R. Smith - name while at Woodstock: Dick; (attended 46, 48-54, 55-59) Address : 7125 5th Ave. SE, Lacey, WA 98503 Phone: 360/459-4543; email: 73311,; fax: 360/459-4474

Fondest memories: people in a very special environment:- moonlight walks on Eyebrow and Tehri Road, sunrise at Flag Hill or above Oakville, Cub Scouts with Dr. Bob "Halloo" Fleming, distance run and hiking mentoring by Bob Forsgren; the sequence of close buddies/room-mates, from Hugh (and other Upper Woodstock neighbors) & Gil, to Weldon and Ian, to Phil, Dave Chance and RJ.; square dances, choir, orchestra; scrambling up and down the short-cut for hot home-made lunches with Mom during the Summer; space among peers to be a little non-conformist.

To forget: the awful guilt-trips from evangelistic teachers and visiting evangelists; the lonely transitions from home to boarding twice each year; the unrealistic isolation from Indian society and realities; moldy shoes and clothes in the last half of the monsoon.

Since Woodstock): three years college in 9 months non-stop soggy Portland, OR; two years Peace Corps just outside Lahore, Pakistan; good last year in college (BA -Internat. Affairs); graduate school one year at U of O, rooming with Gil and Dave Chance; married to Marcia Pearson in 6/66 (and still happily together); MA & PhD in Linguistics at Cornell (66-73 with a year+ field work in UP, India, and a year teaching at Duke U. sandwiched in); unemployed and experiencing welfare for several months before several months as sawyer in a portable out-house factory, etc.; Asst. Prof. of Urdu and Indian Studies at Kansas State U. (75-78); Language and Orientation Supervisor for United Mission to Nepal (78-89); coordinating Media Center building project at Woodstock (90-93); founding and building Sights American Sourcing Co. to export American products to the Home Center chain stores of a long-time friend in Japan- 1994-?

My children and grandchildren (and what they do) *: Son Patrick (25) grew up in Nepal; graduated in Biology from Reed College, Portland; volunteered one year as a forestry worker in the United Mission to Nepal; assisted our business 9 months; now in second year of 'Social Forestry' masters at Michigan State U. Daughter Dana (22) graduated from Mills College, Oakland, in Piano Performance; now working with very young children in a pre-school in Oakland while trying to build her piano learning clientele and enter the musician networks of the Bay Area.

Reunion at Woodstock: business too unpredictable; done my 'thing' there for a while.

Class of 1959