Class of 1959
Woodstock School
March 1998

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Classmate Li Chu joined (on March 11th) Alice Sokolov Clague (and daughter Melissa Clague) and Philip McEldowney (and friend Deej Baker) to view

The Taj

Then (March 14th) Norman Mundhenk and his son Rowan joined us for a train ride to DehraDun; though Robert Bonham missed the morning train, he 'sailed' up by taxi from Delhi to Mussoorie and was sitting on the porch of the All Seasons guest house (below Picture Palace) waiting for us. Robert was delayed at the Delhi airport filling out forms to try to recover his luggage, which did not make it with him from the U.S.
[Nope, we did not get to Nag Tiba.]
But, the first day up in the Himalayas, we motored to the base and then hiked to the top of


[We introduced ourselves at Parker Hall assembly] From left to right: Rowan and Norman Mundhenk, Robert Bonham, Melissa and Alice Clague, Li Chu, Philip McEldowney, Deej Baker, Nancy Sandlin, and Jack

Next day (March 16th), we all went to work. Deej and Philip in the High School Library, with Brian Wilson and Mr. Wechter (no photo!).

Alice Clague and her daughter, Melissa, helped weed and discard old books from the

Elementary Library

Li Chu, the EXCEL expert, helped many full days in the

business office

And Norman Mundhenk helped review and re-arrange Publications materials in the

Alumni Archives

Whew! Time for a

Lunch Break

And before Alice and Melissa (Wed), and Norman and Rowan (Friday) departed, we needed some photos. At

The Gate
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The Ladder

Meanwhile, yes, Robert kept practicing on the piano during the week, getting ready for the Friday night
A Piano Recital.
Dance Music Program
(His luggage still not having arrived, Robert borrowed Deej's black kurta, Philip's black pants, and our guest house manager's (Winky's) brother's Indian vest.)

Before we left Mussoorie, Robert arranged to visit a local writer at his home Saturday morning (March 21st). We had a nice talk and he gave us tea. Robert was to meet with him again the following week.

Ruskin Bond

Here's a photo of one of the Woodstock Staff's parent,
who has a shop on Janpath in Delhi.


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