Swimming 03 Ap 98 -Gil

Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 08:06:53 -0800
From: Gil
Subject: Re: Swimming again

Norm, I'm surprised to hear that the Hostel people were so negative about the swimming pool. Like you, I remember swimming as a very positive and important activity. I wonder what has caused the change. Could it have anything to do with the student body having changed to one that comes mostly from cultures where swimming as recreation has less of a history?

I seem to remember people jumping off the first balcony into the swimming pool and also a few times people jumping off the upper balcony. I also heard once, although I don't think I saw it, that Tom Manton had jumped off the roof above the second balcony.

Then of course there was the famous incident of the cat which messed on someone's pillow two days in a row. On the second occasion the cat was hurled from a second floor dorm room window out over the roof of the shower room and landed in the swimming pool from which it emerged unscathed! Can't remember who the thrower was but I think it was someone two or three years ahead of us in school.


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