Caves and donors 01 Ap 98 -Gil

Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 10:04:39 -0800
From: Gil
Subject: Caves and donors

Chris wrote in his latest letter "Do any of you recall the attempts we made at exploring the caves around the base of Burnt Hill?.... I suspect that although the caves still exist, we would not be able to gain entrance to them with our middle aged spreads!"

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one suffering from middle aged spread. I still have my red satin shorts that we wore on Sports Day and I find it hard to believe that I ever actually fit into something with a waist so small it looks like it would now barely fit around one thigh!

I confess I don't remember the name "Burnt Hill" (perhaps someone could enlighten me) but I'm guessing this was the part of Witches Hill that included Bear's Cave. I remember going there once with Hugh and my father who would have been in his 50s then. Hugh and I slithered on ahead into a cave whose ceiling was covered with bats who promptly all took off when we shone our flashlights at them. My normally mild mannered father, who never raised his voice, started yelling at us to turn off the lights. It took me a minute to realize that all the bats had headed straight for the only exit from the room which was at that moment completely filled by my middle aged father. I think that was the most excited I ever saw my father get!

I got a mailing yesterday from KWI in Atlanta listing the names of all of those who had given money to Woodstock last year. I scanned it for names that I might know and was surprised to see a couple of classmates from whom I've heard nothing for years. One was Cliff Liddle who I think was there for just one year early in High School and who I believe is now a doctor in Wisconsin. Another was Jane Miller Powell who last I knew was a Jungian analyst in London. I was also surprised to see the name of Hazel Wait who was our teacher 45 years ago in 5th standard. She must have either lived to a ripe old age or been much younger than I imagined she was back then. I expect the latter is the more likely explanation. I think I grouped all our teachers together into the one category of "adults", i.e. people much older than I, without realizing that there was something close to a 40 year gap in ages between teachers like Miss Marley and Mr. Lott.


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