Update April 1998 and 1997 Visit
Update April 1998 and Visit 1997
[03 April 1998] [16 April 1998]

Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 16:11:10 -0500
From: Winn
Subject: Re: Oops [Update]

Hi Phil, That goof on the e- mail address was my fault. I'm still not a typist . I'm really pleased to be on the 'list' now and hope to hear more about your impressions .

Thanks for the postcard. That really was a surprise!.

I enjoyed roaming the hillside last year (1997) and seeing the houses that my friends lived in. Unfortunately a few had 'do not trespass' signs. One of my favorite views was from Ashton Court. We lived there during 'the partition,' and for a few years after. It was the last house before Jubberkait. We continued up to Oakville and then to the chukkar. We went up twice to try and see the ' snows'.

My birthday is in 1942.

When I was back at our mission hospital, I was looking thru the records and they have my Mom giving birth to a 'girl' in Feb 1941. My sister, Kay, was born Feb. 1940. That was entered. So, it's a mystery. I think I'll believe my parents rather than the record. I prefer to be younger!

It's great to be in touch again. Take care of youself, Winn

Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 21:29:03 -0400
From: Winn
Subject: Re: edress - Winnie's [1997 March Visit back]

> Hi Phil, Thanks for getting my e-mail address sorted out. Is it you
> or Gil who volunteered to send out messages for those of us that are
> computer illiterate? I'm sure either one of you will help me send a
> note to the class. Thanks! I'm really happy that so many are in
> touch again. What a great class we have!

Hi Everyone! As I sit typing this I'm thinking of all the names on the receiving end of this e-mail. What great memories I have of you all. Woodstock has always remained high on my 'interest list' and I read the Quad from cover to cover.

Last March (1997), my husband, Les and I backpacked thru India for 5 weeks. .... Yes, he did get a hernia!!.

It was the first time back in 40 years. I loved going back to the 'mission' where I still knew quite a number of people. Fortunately, all my Hindi (Kitcherie) came back.

We did a lot of the tourist things, saw South India for the first time and even Kodai K. I really was impressed with the school with it's 7 tennis courts! Les couldn't believe that Woodstiock could be better. But it was!! It's in those rugged mountains that character is built! Les now knows why I have a well developed calf muscle! We climbed all over the hillside and I thought of many of you as I passed your houses. The 'chowkidars' are still pretty protective of their property and many houses have 'no trespassing' signs.

Some of the Woodstock staff now live in Edgehill Villa. We were lucky to get a place (though freezing cold), at Edgehill, before they converted it to dorms for the little 'chutes'. I was impressed that the senior girls now share little apts at the college, in which they can cook. Imagine that!!

When I was in the vaulted dining room of the College I remembered the red jello that was our special Sunday treat. When the supervisor wasn't looking, using a spoon, we'd fling it so it would stick to the ceiling and then we'd do a 'count-down' to see how long it would stay before splatting down . What seems amusing now, is the guys from the hostel were sent over some week-ends, to join the girls, in hopes that the boys' manners would improve!. Anyone remember that?

One characteristic I still have from boarding school, is playing practical jokes. I know Ian does too.

I have four grown kids. One is still at univ. And I'm going to be a grandma for the first time, this July. I'm really excited about that but I know many of you are old pros. Since I grew up without grandparents, as I suppose many of you also did, I now idealize the relationship. I continue to work as a nurse and I'm just finishing off a degree that I started 6 years ago,in Women's Studies. I do 2 courses a year. And exams are next week.

I keep in touch with some of you at Christmas and I sometimes see Kathy (my old roomy) and Ian, fellow Canadian. But I hope, as some of you retire and have more time, you'll take a trip across Canada and come to see us. (Your U.S.$ is worth a lot here.)

It was a really nice idea of those who were at Woodstock to sent all the class postcards. A great way to get nostalgia flowing!. Let's hear from all of you!

Winn (Winnie Knox) BRSPK

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