Almost 200 alumni at Woodstock North American reunion in Seattle
Posted 08/06/2012 02:46PM

Almost 200 alumni representing 40 different classes from 105 different cities attended the Friends of Woodstock School (FWS) and Woodstock Old Students' Association North America (WOSA-NA) meeting in Seattle recently.

Participants took part in a range of activities over the weekend including lectures, discussions and presentations on the theme of sustainablility and stewardship of the earth. A choir of alumni under the tutelage of Dan Lind and Vance George performed at the Sunday service, while Glenn Conrad was presented with an iPad as a thank you for his many years of service as head of FWS.

Woodstock's Alumni Co-ordinator Marcus Shaw said it was "amazing" to see hundreds of former staff, students and friends descend on the campus of Seattle Pacific University for the weekend.

Speaking after the event, he said: "As a 'young one', even though I am technically not, the bond that we share through our common Woodstock experience formed the foundation for building relationships that overcame the bridge of many decades.

"I wish more of our alumni could attend and experience what happens when we meet – nostalgia, reflection, encouragement, the re-kindling of old friendships and the spark of new ones. It was my first WOSA reunion, but I can definitely say it won’t be my last!"

Alumni at the reunion also heard updates on Woodstock, while other highlights of the programme were a delicious salmon barbeque, a selection of Indian khana, and a sunset cruise on Lake Washington.

Pete Wildman, Director of Planning and Human Resources Strategy at Woodstock, also attended the reunion.  and praised the local organising committee for their hard work in planning the event.

"It was a great weekend, the organising committee did a fantastic job in facilitating the speakers, food, and venue, and the sunset cruise on the last night which was truly memorable.

"Many thanks for all their hard work, and for all those who made the effort to come."

See the slideshow below for a selection of photos from the reunion, or go to the Woodstock Alumni Facebook page here for more photos.