58's Banquet with Class of 59 as bearers and beggars [ Identified below]

From left to right, as faces are visible, are Weldon Friesen, Jane Miller, Sally Arnold, Joie Garlow, Dick Smith (with hanky over face), Barbara Judy, David Chance, Norm Mundhenk (clear in the back), Elaine Miller (back down in front), Carol Fordham, Tom Robison, Ian Leech, Judy Scovel, Jack Day, Vinode Sawhney (peeping over Jack's shoulder), Hugh Griffiths (just the corner of his face), David Sorley, unidentified girl in sari, David Manton, Robert John Bonham and Sally Taylor.

Kneeling in front is Bonnie McGraw
Sitting at the table is Bruce Sellars.

There are 8 or so class members missing from this picture.

[Picture from Weldon, late Sept 1998
Identifications from Gil, early Oct 1998]

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