1957 Oct? Who? Which? Petr(ou)ush(ch)ka? Sports Day?
Robert John Bonham Gertrude Nelson David Chance Sally Arnold Kathy Horton Elaine Miller Sally Harmon Sally Taylor Gilbert Osgood Hugh Griffiths Bruce Sellers Ray Dunkleerg Norman Mundhenk Jane Miller Tom Buchanan Emily Lane Tom Robison Ian Leach David Sorley Chris Johnson Weldon Friesen Tom Manton Joie Garlow Judy Scovel Carol Fordham Bonnie McGraw Polly Hopkins? Petrushka II? Petrushka I? Petrushka II? 1957 Class of 1959
Standing: Robert John, Gertrude Nelson, Dave Chance, Sally Arnold, Kathy Horton, Elaine Miller, Sally Harmon, Sally Taylor, Gil Osgood, Hugh Griffiths (barely visible behind pole), Bruce Sellers, Ray Dunkleberg, Norm Mundhenk, Jane Miller, Tom Buchanan, Emily Lane, Tom Robison, Ian Leech, Dave Sorley, Chris Johnson, Weldon Friesen and Dave Manton.
Sitting or kneeling: Joie Garlow, Judy Scovel, Carol Fordham, Bonnie McGraw and Polly Hopkins (?).
Missing: Barbara Judy, Scott Bucher, Ricky Gauthier, Kiran Mehra, Willie Knierim, Michael von Radloff, Vinode Sawhney and Dick Smith. [Gil identified 22Ja00]

Here are some questions: What is Petrushka? Which one of the two cow skulls is the real Petrushka? or both? Who is holding the lower skull - Polly Hopkins, Gail Pilley, someone else? When was this photo taken, Oct 1957? Where was this photo taken - Hansen field? What was the occassion for the photo, Sports Day?

To help decide - here are some more photos of Petrushka
Scott with Petrushka || Burial of Petrushka at the bottom of Jack's 1958/59 page || Class of 59

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