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MathCad Example
You can go here to see the MathCad example I showed last time in class.

Background Material on Beam Behavior
The new material we will be covering involves some basic information regarding how bridges behave.

1) You can view the in-class example about the design of the toy train bridge here.
2) Here are some notes regarding

Using this information, I then give an example problem that covers how to calculate the support reactions of a simple beam.

Okay, okay here's another example.

3) Here is the material describing how to create the shear force and bending moment diagrams.
4) Here is the background information about stress and strain. This section includes the equation for calculating the max stress in the simply-supported beam under a uniform load.
5) Here is an example of a problem very similar to the type of analysis you will need to do for Project 2.

Project 2
The description for the second group project can now be found here, and the group listings can be found here:

Section 19Section 20

HTML and Web Page Creation

ITC now has many excellent reference guides to help you start building your web pages. Here are three of them that you may want to check out:

1) Web Development Support
This is the main page ITC offers about web development. It is a great starting point where you can find links to a good deal of information.
2) Student Web Guide
This page is specifically for UVA students and tells you about managing your UVA account.
3) Getting Started
This is a good page for people who are just starting out.

Go here if you are having trouble accessing the ED7 newsgroup.

It may be to your benefit to download the newest version of your web browser of choice. Newer versions tend to have more features, and the class page will look better on it, too.  If you are interested you can download Netcape Communicator (or Navigator) or Internet Explorer from the links below:

Netscape Communicator Internet Explorer

You may also want to check out the Information Technology and Communication (ITC) web page where you will find answers to most of your computing needs at UVA.

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