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Class Syllabus

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Syllabus, attendance guidelines, texts, and objectives.

Citation rules, library info, and orientation schedule.

Project descriptions and group listings.

Other pertinent information.


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Project 3

New: The presentation schedules are now online and can be viewed here:

         Section 19      Section 20

Make sure you are familiar with the rules before Thursday, 30 Nov 2000.

The description of what you will be doing for Project 3 is available here. The group assignments can be found there, as well.

Reference Material
Here are some guidelines to follow when preparing your project reports. These rules apply to all projects handed in for this class.

Usual Spiel
This is the main page for Sections 19 and 20 class of ENGR 162.  It is a good idea to check this site periodically for any new or updated information; things will be added on an ongoing basis.  If any information is unclear or contradictory to what is discussed in class, please inform Peter Massarelli.


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