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Course Syllabus
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Please note that this information is subject to change. Any changes will be announced in class, but you should check back here often.

Date Day Topic Reading Due
31-Aug Thu Course Introduction    
5-Sep Tue General Design Procedures Horenstein: 1 and 2  
7-Sep Thu Creativity & Teamwork Horenstein: 3.1 and 3.2 Design Flaw
12-Sep Tue Introduction to Project 1 Horenstein: 7  
14-Sep Thu Decision Making Horenstein: 4.3  
19-Sep Tue Human Machine Interface Horenstein: 5  
21-Sep Thu TBA    
26-Sep Tue Estimation Horenstein: 3.4  
28-Sep Thu Mathematics and Design Horenstein: 4.1 and 4.2  Proj. 1
3-Oct Tue Design Optimization Gottfried: 11  
5-Oct Thu Introduction to Project 2    
10-Oct Tue Beam Bending Design Example    
12-Oct Thu Project 2 Design Background    
17-Oct Tue Project 2 Design Background    
19-Oct Thu Effective Communication Horenstein: 7 (again)  
24-Oct Tue Holiday    
26-Oct Thu TBA    
31-Oct Tue Design Case History    Proj. 2
2-Nov Thu Design Case History    
7-Nov Tue Introduction to Project 3    
9-Nov Thu Project Management Horenstein: 3.7  
14-Nov Tue Documentation Horenstein: 3.3  
16-Nov Thu Design Failure Horenstein: 6  
21-Nov Tue TBA    
23-Nov Thu Thanksgiving Break    
28-Nov Tue Project Competition     
30-Nov Thu Group Presentations    
5-Dec Tue Group Presentations    
7-Dec Thu Group Presentations    Proj. 3
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