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Class Syllabus

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Syllabus, attendance guidelines, texts, and objectives.

Citation rules, library info, and orientation schedule.

Project descriptions and group listings.

Other pertinent information.
Course Information
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Here you will find some pertinent information regarding the objectives and policies of our class.

Who, When, Where Here you will find exactly what you think you will find.
Objectives Here is a general description of what you will learn in ENGR 162.
Attendance This is my policy regarding your timely presence in my class.
Syllabus Here is a schedule of what we will be doing and when.  You are responsible for completing the reading assignments by their given due date.  Also, you will find the project due dates listed here.
Texts These are the texts required for our section of this course.  Note that all of the sections are not using the same texts, so be sure you only buy the ones you need.
Grading This is a breakdown of how your final grade will be calculated.
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