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Class Syllabus

Email instructor, check out class newsgroup, or send anonymous feedback.
Syllabus, attendance guidelines, texts, and objectives.

Citation rules, library info, and orientation schedule.

Project descriptions and group listings.

Other pertinent information.
Contact Information
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There are numerous ways to contact me or your fellow ENGR 162 students.  Choose the method from the list below which best suits your needs.  Additionally, when I assign group projects, I will also publish a list of each group members email addresses to facilitate interaction among group members.

Class Newsgroup A USENET newsgroup (uva.seas.engr1624-19-20) has been set up for our specific section of this course.  This is a good way to keep in touch with your fellow students.  Also, if you have a question for me that you feel may be of general interest to your classmates, then post your question here.  I will reply to the message and everyone can benefit from the answer.  They will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.
Feedback Form Click here to access an anonymous feedback form that you can use to offer any comments or suggestions you may have regarding our class.  I will check for responses at least twice a week.
Talk to Instructor You can reach me personally through email ( or you can call me up at 823-6973.
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