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Central Regulation of Autonomic Functions

 Adequate tissue oxygenation and maintenance of renal function are essential to life. These functions are compromised in a large number of pathological states (cardiac failure, hypertension, hypoxia, pulmonary disease, sleep disorders, drug overdose, anesthesia) and in premature infants. These basic homeostatic regulations are orchestrated by the central nervous system that finely tunes pulmonary ventilation along with cardiac and vascular performance through the activity of the respiratory and autonomic outflows.

 This laboratory investigates the central neural mechanisms responsible for the generation of the vasomotor sympathetic outflow. We seek to understand how the brain generates the tonic vasoconstrictor activity of sympathetic nerves, which is essential to maintain arteriolar tone (and thus arterial pressure) and cardiac output. We also try to determine how this vasomotor outflow is integrated with respiration, how it is affected by drugs (therapeutically useful or not) and whether the cardiorespiratory circuitry is altered in hypertension. These objectives are pursued with a variety of modern neurobiological approaches that include single cell recording in vivo and in vitro, neurohistological techniques (tract-tracing for connectivity, immunohistochemistry and hybridization histochemistry for detection of protein and protein synthesis) and multiple pharmacological approaches.

 This laboratory benefits from the presence in the School of Medicine of a large multi-departmental research community dedicated to Experimental Cardiovascular Sciences. This group manages several specialized training grants, runs its own seminar series and fosters a vibrant and dedicated research environment.

Laboratory People

Ruth L. Stornetta
Diane L. Rosin
Ann Schreihofer
Abdallah Hayar
Peter Akey


Ann, Abdallah, Diane, Ruth, Patrice, Pete

Recent Publications

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