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The measurement, analysis and propagation of electrical, magnetic and optical signals with nanoscale spatial resolution is of interest within a variety of fields, such as biomolecular sensing, signaling to and from cells within tissue regeneration or ion-channel applications, and the directed hierarchical assembly of materials. Our NEMS group focuses on engineering nano-device interfaces to biosystems to harness electrical, magnetic, and optical signal transduction methodologies. Measurement at the nanoscale, on one hand, poses instrumental limitations due to scales approaching the wavelength of light, as well as due to need for sensitive electronics and precise nanofabrication. On the other hand, nanostructured devices, due to their enormous surface to volume ratio enable enhanced kinetics, sensitivity and heat transfer, as well as unique phenomena arising from construction of sub-wavelength structures and the overlap of neighboring electrical double layers. Our devices integrate frequency-modulated electrokinetic or magnetic methodologies on micro/nanofluidic device platforms for assembly of bio-nanostructures, coupled to electrical or optical signal transduction schemes for measurement, analysis and propagation of signals. Applications include early diagnosis of diseases through the sensitive detection of trace biomarkers in body fluids against high concentration of background proteins; guidance of cells for morphogenesis and tissue regeneration, and the directed assembly of nanostructured materials.

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