What you learn?

Our group is organized around three core strengths:

(1) Designing nano-devices through application of electromagnetics within micro/nanofluidic platforms.

(2) Fabricating nano-devices integrating electrical, magnetic, optical and fluidic functionalities.

(3) Characterizing signals at nano/bio interface through integrating physical and biological functionalities.

Bio-electronic device research requires familiarity with the underlying concepts of electromagnetic theory, micro- and nanostructure fabrication and semiconductor device physics. Researchers are trained to fabricate electrically functional microfluidic systems and apply electrical, electrochemical and fluorescence methods for in-situ device characterization. The simulation of electric field profiles and an understanding of electro-hydrodynamics in microfluidic systems is also an essential part of the device development. Our research group is highly interdisciplinary, including students in the disciplines of Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Materials Science.

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