(1) Micro- and Nanofabrication Instrumentation
(a) Microfabrication of Polymeric Resists by Photolithography
(b) Nanofabrication of Polymeric Resists by Electron Beam Lithography
(c) Electrospinning for Synthesis of Polymer Nanofibers
(d) Device bonding and Assembly

(2) Electrical Test Equipment
(a) Multi-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators (Agilent and NI)
(b) High Voltage Supplies and Amplifiers
(c) fA current measurement and oscilloscopes

(3) Electrical Transport and Electrochemical Analysis Instrumentation
(a) Solartron ModuLab System for Voltametry and Impedance Spectroscopy
(b) CH Instruments Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
(c) Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy

(4) Fluorescence Microscopy
(a)Zeiss Axio-Observer A1
(b)Zeiss Axio-Observer Z1

(5) Cell Culture


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