The vision of biologically inspired systems has tremendously impacted materials and sensing paradigms, but challenges remain towards independently localizing and tracking disparate nanoscale biochemical events. Our group specializes in applying pulsed (us-ns) and radio frequency (10 kHz – 100 MHz) electric fields within micro/nanofluidic devices for spatial manipulation and temporal analysis of biosystems. Utilizing such fields, dipoles can be selectively induced onto particular regions of biological cells depending on their electrophysiology, onto nanostructures depending on their dielectric properties, and onto biomolecules depending on their conformation to enable their frequency-selective bio-manipulation, tracking and sensing.


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Farmehini, V., Rohani, A., Su, Y. H., & Swami, N. (2014). Wide bandwidth power amplifier for frequency-selective insulator-based dielectrophoresis. Lab on a Chip. Link

Rohani, A., Varhue, W., Su, Y. H., & Swami, N. S. (2014). Electrical tweezer for highly parallelized electrorotation measurements over a wide frequency bandwidth. Electrophoresis.Link

Sanghavi, B. J., Wolfbeis, O. S., Hirsch, T., & Swami, N. S. (2014). Nanomaterial-based electrochemical sensing of neurological drugs and neurotransmitters. Microchimica Acta, 1-41. Link

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