• Nicholas J. Napoli, PhD

    I am a Research Scientist at the University of Virginia's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. A portion of my research is supported through Dr. Benton Calhoun's Robust Low Power VLSI Laboratory. My research within the VLSI group explores informative decision support to circuit designs for optimally develop self-powered (battery-less) systems within IoT environments. We accomplish this by understanding a circuit's power consumption within various environment through simulation and machine learning. This experience has aided my own research within cyber-physical systems (CPS) by combining my expertise in human performance and predictive sensing. Through this interdisciplinary experience, we can begin to capture, characterize, and predict how humans and technology co-evolve as a system. These applications can range from advanced neuroprosthetics, operator control rooms, remote physiological monitoring, and bio-feedback virtual reality platforms.

    Nick Napoli

    My Research is focused in human performance and predictive sensing, leverages human physiology and uncertainty modeling to develop new bio-signal processing algorithms and sensor fusion methodologies. This improves physiological systems by providing contextual meaning for understanding the state of the human, allowing machines to optimally evolve with the human.

    Research Interests
    • Human Performance
    • Bio-Signal Processing
    • Pattern Recognition
    • ML and Sensor Fusion
  • My Curriculum Vitae

    Awarded Funding

    • Characterizing and Detecting Detrimental States of Human Performance and Cognition through Advanced Analytics
        • Sponor: NASA Langley and National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), $51k
        • Duration: 08/2018 - 09/2019
    • Pilot Breathing Assessment in Fighter Jets using Adv. Signal Processing and Machine Learning
        • Sponor: NASA's Engineering Safety Center (NESC), $52k)
        • Duration: 10/2018 – 09/2019

    Academic Awards

    • Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation Fellowship (ARCS), 2016-2017
    • Jefferson Presidential Fellowship in Data Science, 2015-2016
    • NASA's Virginia Space Grant Consortium Fellowship, 2014-2016
    • Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Repperger Fellowship, 2015-2016
    • Virginia Center for Health Innovation Fellowship, 2015-2016
    • University of Virginia Commonwealth Fellowship, 2013

  • Selected Journals and Conferences

    • N.J. Napoli, M. Demas, S. Mendu, C.L. Stephens, K.D. Kennedy, A.R. Harrivel, R.E. Bailey, L.E. Barnes. Uncertainty in Heart Rate Complexity Metrics caused by R-peak Perturbations Computers in Biology and Medicine. Vol. 103 pg.198-207 (2018)
    • N.J. Napoli, W. Barnhardt, M.E. Kotoriy, J.S. Young, L.E. Barnes. Relative Mortality Analysis: A New Tool to Evaluate Clinical Performance in Trauma Centers IIE Transactions on Healthcare System. Vol. 7 no. 3 pg. 181-191 (2017)
    • N.J. Napoli, M.E. Kotoriy, W. Barnhardt, J. Young, L.E. Barnes. Addressing Bias from Non-Random Missing Attributes in Health Data Proc. of the 10th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI). (2017), Orlando, FL.
    • A. Harrivel, C. Stephens, R. Milletich, C. Heinich, M.C. Last, N.J. Napoli, L. Prinzel, M. Motter, A. Pope Prediction of Cognitive States during Flight Simulation using Multimodal Psychophysiological Sensing AIAA SciTech, Applications of Sensor and Information Fusion. (2017), Grapevine, TX.
    • N.J. Napoli, L.E. Barnes. A Dempster-Shafer Approach for Corrupted Electrocardiograms Signals AAAI Proc. of the 29th Int'l Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society (FLAIRS). (2016), Key Largo, FL.
    • N.J. Napoli, A.R. Mixco, J. Bohorquez, and J. Signorile. An EMG Comparative Analysis of Quadriceps During Isoinertial Strength Training Using Nonlinear Scaled Wavelet Human Movement Science, Vol. 40, pg. 134-153 (2015)
    • N.J. Napoli, L.E. Barnes, K. Premaratne. Correlation Coefficient Based Template Matching: Accounting for Uncertainty in Selecting the Winner The Proc. of the 18th Int'l Conf. on Information Fusion (FUSION). (2015), Washington, D.C.
  • Contact Information

    My office is located in "The Link Lab", Olsson Hall room 256. The Link Lab is a collaborative cohort of interdisciplinary researchers that focus on Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Research. You are welcome to stop by any time or send me an email.

    Mailing Address

    University of Virginia
    151 Engineer's Way
    P.O Box 400747
    Charlottesville, Va

    Cell: (0111,0101,0100)-(0101,1000,0001)-(0011,0010,0110,0101)
    Email: njn5fg (at) virginia (dot) edu
  • Social

    The Wavelet YouTube links are videos, which I made for an undergraduate class at the University of Miami to promote interest in the field of Signal Processing. Just fair warning, the intent of the videos are for them to be entertaining and not mathematically intensive. The other YouTube video is a demonstration of the virtual patient project I have been developing at the University of Virginia's Medical School for training and evaluating nursing students. You can also find me on LinkedIn