Nathaniel Grove

Welcome to my web page! I have created this page as a way to display a few of the “hats” I wear or at least try to don in this existence. Each of the links on the left will reveal a brief, quickly drafted description of that aspect of my life.

While this kind of static web presentation has been rapidly replaced by social media sites, content management systems and other recent advances in the internet, I have chosen to do this part of my site “by hand” as a way to play around with web-design and technique, especially JQuery. This site gives me the opportunity to archive some of my accomplishments, such as my music and translations, as well as a place to experiment with the technology in more creative ways than I do at work, such as the Tarot Thrower. In short, I have created this site as a way not only to share who I am and document my interests but also as a testing/training area for web-design ideas, online tools, and just to “play” with the basic internet technologies for the fun of it!

If you happen to land here, drop me a line and let me know what you think.