I have created this site simply as way to put up a few things and play around. I wanted to make it simple but appealing. Why a bug in the grass? Just a cool picture my son took. Yet sometimes I feel everything can be taken symbolically....

I studied Tibetan Buddhism at UVa, getting a Ph.D. in 2004, but I currently work programming web-applications for Shanti @ UVa. I mainly code in Drupal (PHP, Javascript, & css), but I also have experience with XML/XSLT, Python, Perl, and VBA. However, that is just my formal work-related persona. I am also a husband and father, scholar and translator, philosopher and spiritualist, musician and song-writer. To be honest, I don't like "bragging" so I won't say any more (a big departure from the first version of this site), but I will allude or elaborate on those topics on other pages.

This website is intended to put myself out there is some way: to make available a few simple tools, to put up my CV, and also some of my music. If all those things are not yet available, they will be coming eventually...

Me nowadays