Nolan A. Wages                       Nolan A. Wages, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Translational Research & Applied Statistics
Public Health Sciences
University of Virginia School of Medicine 

Research Interests


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Research Statement

My research efforts focus on the design of Phase I clinical trials for combination therapies. These trials are becoming increasingly common in cancer research. While there exist many proposed methods for single-agent trials, there are relatively few options for designing Phase I trials of combined drugs. Without adequate statistical methods, potentially effective combinations may be discarded as too toxic, or get tested in subsequent studies at inappropriate levels. Designing dose-finding trials for combinations is an example of a more complex dose-finding problem where extended model-based designs can be applied. Other examples include subject heterogeneity and different treatment schedules. Rather than working with a single model, these problems require designs that make use of several models and model selection techniques, in order to provide greater flexibility and the ability to deal with more complexity.


Extended model-based designs for complex Phase I clinical trials in oncology.


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