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Here are some useful links for sound:

My personal website showcasing some composition and design work, michaelrasbury.org.

Here is a very interesting blog post with an abstract description of what sound designers consider. I describe my process for sound design here.

This article provides a simple and concise description of how we hear. This site provides an amazing interactive tour of the ear.

Izotope.com explains frequency for beginners in this short video.

What are bits and bytes? HowStuffWorks will explain at this site. How do bits and bytes apply to digital audio recording? This site will explain. Izotope.com explains with less jargon on their page.

Learn what compressors and equalizers do at Izotope.com on this page. Here is another viewpoint on compressors from Roland.com.

Audio Technica presents a brief guide for using microphones. Shure has four short videos describing how microphones work: Operating Principle, Frequency Response, Polar Pattern, and Electrical Output.

Check out this video of drums in slow motion.

NPR presents a short video showing actual sound waves traveling through the air.

This short film produced in 1933 does a great job of visualizing how sound travels.

Free Sound Effects and Recordings:

EarthRecordings is my personal library of field recordings from around the world. Each recording is available for download in WAVE format.

Freesound is a website devoted to recordists around the world. After enrolling for a free account, users can browse sound recordings posted from all over the world and download these sounds in a variety of formats to use in other projects.

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has an Online database of 16,000 sound effects available for use under the terms of the RemArc License. These sounds may be used for personal, educational or research purposes.

Zapsplat is a collection of 25,000+ free, royalty free sound effects and music files. After signing up for a free account, users may download and use any of these sounds in mp3 format. For a small donation, WAVE files are available.

YouTube has a free sound effect library in mp3 format.

Sound Bible is a sound effects library with both mp3 and wave download formats. No user account is required.