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Here are some useful links for sound...

Musiq.com Digital Audio Tutorial
This site presents a succinct explanation of how audio is digitized.

The Free Sound Project
This site contains thousands of free sounds released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.

An Article about Sound Design from Sound & Video Contractor Magazine
This article includes a great description of sound design for the theatre.

Shure Educational Materials

The Shure site contains valuable information for proper usage of sound equipment.

Audio Concepts, Inc. Audio Glossary

This is a useful glossary of audio terms for sound systems.

The Dilettante's Dictionary, Audio Terminology in these Digital Days
This is a thorough on-line dictionary of audio terms by Sandy Lerner.

Rane's Pro Audio Reference Website
The well-respected audio equipment manufacturer presents another glossary of audio related terms.

Sequencing- A Brief History, by Simon Gray
At this site, Simon Gray presents a concise overview of the history of electronic music sequencing.

Steven Brown's Listen Hear Sound Projects: The Art of Sound
This site contains useful acoustic data, world voltage chart, ohm's law, and audio connector information.

The University of New South Wales Physics Department: Music Acoustics
This site provides interesting information about the physics of acoustic instruments.

Acoustics and Vibration Animations by Dan Russell, Ph.D. at Kettering University
This is an amazing site containing animations and descriptions of wave movement.

Iosono Website: Wave-Field-Synthesis
Iosono presents a "breakthrough spatial audio technology for the projection of recorded or amplified sound" at this site.

Word IQ: Definition of Sound Effect
Here you will find a nice overview of the use of sound in media.

Australian Sound Design Project
The Australian Sound Design Project is an immense database of sound design projects in Australia.

Audio examples and useful articles concerning the manipulation of sound for film are located at this site.

How Stuff Works: Surround Sound

This site provides a very useful description of the history of surround sound for film.

Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Guide
This site contains guides for using Apple's Final Cut Pro, but also contains many useful articles regarding sound for media.

JBL Professional Technical Library
This is home of JBL's Professional Sound System Design Manual.

"The Function of the Soundscape" by Richard K. Thomas
This site contains an interesting paper comparing several authors' descriptions of sound design.

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