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Classroom Equipment

Equipment: 14 seat Apple Macintosh IMac lab each with Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer 9, Apple's Logic and others
Audio Interface: MOTU Ultralite AVB utilizing ADAT Lightpipe to Classroom 7.1 Surround System.

Theatre Sound Equipment

Our theatre complex includes the Culbreth, Ruth Caplin, and the Helms theatres. The Culbreth is a 595 seat, well-equipped proscenium stage, the Ruth Caplin is a 310 seat, three-quarter thrust space, and the Helms is a flexible black-box theatre with a 160-200 seat capacity.

Apple Mac Computers, Qlab, DANTE networking

Culbreth Theatre

Main speakers: QSC WL2082 line arrays. 7 boxes per hang, L C R ­ 20 boxes total.
Console: Allen & Heath iLive iDR10, T112 control surface, Dante card, and x16 remote snake. System processor: QSC SC28, x2.
Wireless: Lectrosonics SMDa/SMQV transmitters with Venue Wideband and Wideband Low receivers, x23.
Wireless mic elements: Countryman B3, x24; Countryman E6, x6; and DPA 4066; x4.
Cinema 7.1­type sound system installed: 6 surrounds on 4 channels, and subwoofers in addition to the main L C R arrays.
Additional speakers available: Meyer USM­100p, x2; Electro­Voice ZXi100, Mackie SRM450, x2; x6; Electro­Voice SX300, x4; EAW UB12Si, x4; Electro­Voice SX80, x4

Ruth Caplin Theatre

Main speakers: Meyer UPJ-1p, x9
Subwoofers: Meyer 500-HP, x3
Surrounds: Meyer UPM-1P, x6
Mobile: Meyer UP-4XP, x4
Console: Allen & Heath iLive iDR32, T112 control surface, with Dante card.
System processor: Yamaha DMD64N, with Dante card
Wireless: Shure ULX series: ULX1, x8; ULX2/58, x8; and ULXP4, x8
Wireless mic elements: Countryman B6, x14
Additional speakers available: Meyer USM-100p, x2; Electro-Voice ZXi100, Mackie SRM450, x2; x6; Electro-Voice SX300, x4; EAW UB12Si, x4; Electro-Voice SX80, x4.

Helms Theatre

Main speakers: configuration changes frequently.
Speakers available: Electro­Voice ZXi100, Mackie SRM450, x2; x6; Electro­Voice SX300, x4; EAW UB12Si, x4; Electro­Voice SX80, x4; Electro­Voice TX1181 subwoofers, x2.
Console: Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2.
Additional equipment: configuration changes frequently; borrows things from other theaters on as­needed basis.



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December 6, 2016