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DRAM2620: Sound Design, Spring Semester, 2011
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Group Project; from Drama 2620, Sound Design, Spring 2011
CHALLENGE: Create a multi-track recording of an original song.


"Jazz In You", written and recorded by the students of DRAM 2620.

Image View this .jpg file to see our mixer in Pro Tools 9.
Or listen to the recording in stages...

Thursday, April 7, Student Recording, "Jazz In You"

Classmate Angelica Jackson helped us start creating by sending a clip of her singing. She used Audacity and her built in microphone to record this idea, Tyler Richmond also sent via email to the class an idea he built using Fruity Loops software, heard here. I combined these two ideas using Pro Tools to create the example linked to the speaker icon.


Tuesday,April 12, Student Recording, "Jazz In You"

Today we worked on extending the track I made as the result of the "mash-up" created last week from the student submitted material. In this example, Angelica Jackson took the final extended track and imported it into Audacity. She then made a new, monophonic track in Audacity and used her built-in microphone to add her voice singing a potential verse. Angelica used lyrics supplied by classmate Joivita Bradford. Ashley Henry suggested a bass line. We used an Axiom Pro, 61-key MIDI controller to trigger a sampled upright bass.


Thursday, April 14, Student Recording, "Jazz In You"

Today, classmate Matt Minnicino brought his violin to class and doubled part of our bass line. We recorded him playing the same part on five, monophonic tracks. This allowed us to create the impression of a violin section.


Tuesday,April 19, Student Recording, "Jazz In You"

We had a very production recording sessions today. We started by using GarageBand to locate some break beats to use for an intended rap section of our song. We found several choices and exported them as .aiff files. We then imported these into our Pro Tools sessions and combined our two favorites. Classmate Angelica Jackson added final vocals for the first and second verses using update lyrics provided by Joivita Bradford and Matt Minnicino. We recorded these twice to create a thicker sound. Next, Julia Addis-Lieser add some background vocals to both verses. We recorded these four times per part to create a "chorus" of her voice. Finally, Monica Gibson added a "scratch' rap, The rap lyrics were a collaborative effort, largely driven by Turner Jones.


Tuesday,April 26, Student Recording, "Jazz In You"

Today we put the finishing touches on our recording. First we recorded a small group clapping along with the first chorus and last "disco" section. We then invited another small group to duplicate these clapping tracks to create the impression of many people clapping. For our "disco" or "house" section at the end, we recorded two tracks of all students making partying noises. We used a specialized, phase accurate, stereo microphone to record the clapping and partying sounds. Next, Monica Gibson rerecorded her rap section. We recorded her using two monophonic tracks so her voice could overlap within the rap. Joivita Bradford then duplicated some of her lyrics on two tracks. Finally, Ashley Henry added some overdub vocals to the rap section.

RECORDING INSTRUMENTS: 2 Audio-Technica 4030 condenser microphones, Shure SM58, 57 microphones, Crown SASS-P stereo condenser microphone, MacBook Pro (2.4 gHz Intel Core 2 Duo), 4 Gig RAM,
M-Audio Firewire 410 Audio Input/Output Device, Pro Tools 9, Digital Performer 7, and Logic.

These materials are examples only. They are not for intended for commercial use.

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