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DRAM2620: Sound Design, Fall Semester, 2012
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Group Project; from Drama 2620, Sound Design, Fall Semester 2012
CHALLENGE: Create a multi-track recording of an original song.


"See Me", current version; written and recorded by the students of DRAM 2620.

Image View this .jpg file to see our mixer Logic 9.
Or listen to the recording in stages...

From our Song Project Student Leader: It’s that time again. The time to embark on a class journey through music. Our challenge? To create an original song. The other challenge? To feel comfortable enough to share our ideas to make said song. I’d like to say we’ll accomplish that, but life has taught me that people aren’t as outgoing as I am. Who am I? Let’s call me Anonymous and let’s just say I’m an objective observer of our class. Detailed below is the journey we traveled together:

Friday, October 5, Student Recording, "See Me"

Silence fell over the room. There wasn’t tension, necessarily, but there was something to be cut with a knife. Last week we had discussed the idea of a song, but nothing concrete was decided. Hakeem Allen made a Google Doc for everyone to share their ideas, so at least we had somewhere to start. Several posted their ideas, and we decided upon a song about stereotypes. Tameka, writer-extraordinaire, led the progression of the song by incorporating her vision through the coveted medium of LYRICS. Michael Rasbury, sound magician, opened up a treasure chest, also known as Garage Band, and we listened to samples of instruments and decided upon the basic structure of our song. What’d we decide? We wanted a song with a strong acoustic guitar with a tempo a little faster than: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsm3-pb7bZU. What else did we decide?


Friday, October 13, Student Recording, "See Me"

Round Two featured John Doctor forgetting his acoustic guitar, Sarah and Hakeem battling over creative direction of lyrics, and Danielle revealing a voice she never knew she had. Sound magician Michael Rasbury, who shall now be referred to as Magic Mike, created a singer out of a rapper (Danielle) and recorded her voice using Garage Band to finalize our song’s chorus. Tameka continued to provide lyrical feedback, as Danielle, Hakeem, and Sarah took simple words and made them music. “The Doctor” added lyrics suggestions that resulted in nothing more than a failed surgery. Nonetheless, redemption is at the front door, knocking for young John to answer. Shall we see the masterful skills of the doctor next week? If only he remembers his surgical equipment this time! The moral of that day?

…No matter how much an idea sucks “just keep swimming”!


Friday, October 19, Student Recording, "See Me"

We all strolled in and kept quiet. Magic Mike was waiting for us, we were waiting for him...#Stalemate. We finally started throwing our ideas around and discussion began. The Doctor finally remembered his surgical instruments and played us a tune and we officially made some progress. And then, out of nowhere, Tameka blew us all away with a recording she had made at home. Magic asked her to sing for the song and she humbly approached the microphone. What came next was the unexpected voice of an angel, a goddess. As Danielle and Hakeem exchanged looks (Danielle wondering why she even tried to sing for the song when we had Tameka) and the class listened in awe, our song found it’s magic touch. We finally had something concrete to build on. What did we realize after class?

People are truly more than what they seem!

We also need to figure out a song title...


Friday, October 26, Student Recording, "See Me"

Today was all about Dani D (Danielle) who performed Joe’s rap for us, adding yet another clever spin on our song. Her rap took the whole class to produce, but when it was done...it wouldn’t get out of my head. Everyone watched in awe of her talents and we all gave feedback about what we did and didn’t like. The best part of class was hearing her create voice overs on her own track, which added a “chorus effect” to her voice. Dani D is too legit to quit! At the end of class, Hakeem said he would right another rap that he’d perform next week!


Friday, November 2, Student Recording, "See Me"

Nervous at first, Hakeem performed his rap for the first time, which was received well by the group...phew! Déjà vu entered the room as a repeat of last week occurred -- the whole class was dedicated to Hakeem’s rap. The class once again listened patiently and gave their feedback whenever it was necessary. Better than Hakeem’s rap were the lyrics he used in the song. The class couldn’t get enough of hearing “like dirt” and “be real nice”...Magic & Esteban got a kick out of that, for much longer than expected! Hakeem seemed to enjoy rapping and recording over himself (with voice overs) and wanted to rap more, but class had ended. There is the potential both raps will be re-recorded, but who knows if that’ll happen. Our song is almost at an end!


Friday, November 9, Student Recording, "See Me"

Danielle decided (with a majority of that class) that she wanted Tameka to re- record the first verse that Daniel had originally sung. Hakeem was opposed, but gained no support from the class, or Danielle. So the majority won on this one, and we spent the class having Tameka re-record an already beautiful track. Nonetheless, the class spent the entire morning listening to an angel and getting an ever too small glimpse of what Heaven may actually be like. The class discussed the direction of the song and decided we were almost done with recording and would move in the direction of editing what we already had. Do you think we’re ready? Take a listen!


Friday, November 16, Student Recording, "See Me"

Class was unexpectedly cancelled, but Magic assures us we’ve been making great progress and can afford to miss today. Can we trust him? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


Friday, December 7, Student Recording, "See Me"

This was it. The semester had come to an end. All that was left to do was record Tameka snapping and that was that. The song was done, we clapped, danced merrily, and went on our merry ways.

Michael, you’ll be missed and we really appreciate all your hard work throughout the making of our song. We couldn’t have done it without you -- but really, we couldn’t have! Happy Holidays!

RECORDING INSTRUMENTS: 2 Audio-Technica 4030 condenser microphones, Shure SM58, 57 microphones, Crown SASS-P stereo condenser microphone, MacBook Pro (2.4 gHz Intel Core 2 Duo), 16 Gig RAM,
MOTU 828 mkIIIAudio Input/Output Device and Pro Tools 10.

These materials are examples only. They are not for intended for commercial use.

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