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DRAM262: Sound Design, Fall Semester, 2008
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Group Project; from Drama 262, Sound Design, Fall 2008

CHALLENGE: Create a multi-track recording of an original song.


""Three's a Crowd", written and recorded by the students of DRAM 2620. (8 MB download)

Download this .pdf file (454 KB) to see a screen shot in Digital Performer 6. Coming soon!!!
Or listen to the recording in stages...

Friday, September 26, Student Recording (8 MB download)
(4.8 MB download)

Today we recorded Audrey Edward’s playing a simple blues line that has served as the basis of our song. I emailed this to the students as an .mp3 in order to stimulate the final creation of lyrics.


Friday, October 3, Student Recording (8 MB download)

We recorded Brian Holben playing guitar. He added a part 2 or a potential chorus. He then added a second track of guitar to the chorus using the acoustic. We effected it like an electric guitar.


Friday, October 17, Student Recording (8 MB download)

Today we started over. We now have a clear picture of how we want to proceed. We simultaneously recorded Brian Holben and Audrey Edwards playing acoustic and bass. We also added some potential drum loops. This provided for us a new feel for the piece. I edited the song together from the best parts of the performances. We took a look at dynamic compression and then utilized it for compressing the bass and guitar. We also used equalization in order to make the sounds fit into the mix.


Friday, November 14, Student Recording ( 8 MB download)

Today we recorded Sam Reeder singing lead vocals written by Libby Majette. Then we added a voice over by Alex Campbell. We decided to give Suzanne a try at the final vocals at the end of the song. We stacked her voice four layers deep and blended the results!


Monday, November 24, Student Recording (8 MB download)

Harrison Gibbons added organ parts on the choruses of the song. He did this using an NN-XT sampler in the popular sequencing software Reason. Brian Holben brought in some prerecorded guitar solos he recorded using his own setup. Harrison and I carefully listened to each of these solos and created a final guitar solo based on editing together the best parts of all the solos he provided. We also added some sampled snaps underneath the voice over.


Friday, December 1, Student Recording (8 MB download)

Harrison Gibbons created some notation for background vocals. We learned them in class and then recorded them. Sam Reeder and Harrison Gibbons sang the one line and Audrey Edwards and Suzanne Casey sang the other line. I augmented Harrison's organ part with more organ in a higher register. We removed the pitch transposition on Alex's voice over. We decided to cut the female vocals at the end of the song.

RECORDING INSTRUMENTS: 2 Audio-Technica 4030 condenser microphones, Shure SM58, 57 microphones, Crown SASS-P stereo condenser microphone, MacBook Pro (2.33 gHz Intel Core 2 Duo), 2 Gig RAM,
M-Audio Firewire 410 Audio Input/Output Device, Digital Performer 6, and Propellerheads' Reason 4.0.

These materials are examples only. They are not for intended for commercial use.

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