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DRAM 2620 Sound Design, Section 1 and 2, 3 credit hours
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor, Corequisite: DRAM 2630; An exploration of Sound Design for Theatre and Media through discussion, critical listening, demonstration of music and sound. and creative application of digital sound editing for media. Techniques investigated include editing pre-recorded music, creating realistic sound environments, representing visual art with sound, three-dimensional sound, and sound creation for video and theatre. Download grading rubrics: Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, Project 4 (Script), Project 4 (Video), Project 4 (Music)
, Project 4 (Own Project)

DRAM 2630 Production Laboratory: Sound, 1-3 Credit Hours
Corequisite: DRAM 2620;
DRAM 2630 is a practicum course in which students apply sound design principles, methods, and information in correlation with the current Drama production schedule.  Students learn the application of sound technology to actual theatrical production projects.  May be repeated up to four credits. Download grading rubric for "lab days" option.

DRAM 4993 Independent Study in Sound, 1-3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: Instructor permission; Intensive study of specific topics offered to upper-level students.

DRAM 7620 Mentored Study in So
und Design, 3-9 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: graduate standing M.F.A. Program or instructor permission; A faculty-guided study in an area of sound design and/or technology not covered in the established curriculum.

DRAM 365 Form is Sound, 3 Credit Hours (Spring 2009 only)
Through instructor-guided teamwork, students will invent a process for converting the data representing the physical aspects of an object into its representative sound. Existing sound and image manipulating software as well as sound equipment will be our major tools for achieving this goal.

Click here to check out some of the student research from DRAM 365.

CASS 1010 Miller Arts Scholars Seminar, 1 credit hour
Prerequisites: permission of instructor; Arts Scholars are part of a small group of undergraduate students who have direct access to the best resources in the arts at the University of Virginia including personal introductions to our most distinguished arts faculty. CASS 1010 is a required seminar class for Arts Scholars.  Faculty from Music, Studio Art, Drama, and Dance, second through fourth-year Arts Scholars, and others will share aspects of their personal research, thoughts about Arts at the University, practical applications of an Art Major after college, etc.  Our cohort will also visit the Science Scholar cohort at least once during the semester to exchange ideas.

CASS 1011 Miller Arts Scholars Discussion, 1 credit hour
Prerequisites: CASS 1010; CASS 1011 is a discussion course for programmatic development, sharing ideas, and mentoring for second through fourth year Arts Scholars.  Arts Scholars are encouraged to enroll in this discussion each spring semester during their academic career.  Our goal is to create connections and stimulate discussion between all Miller Arts Scholars.

The DRAM 2620 Greatest Hits Collection (2004-2015) (Click Song Title to visit Web Page)
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Over You
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Champagne & Chandeliers
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Learning to Groove
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Have No Will
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Room Temprature
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See Me
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Jazz In You
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Michael's Purple Shirt
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What It Means
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Cellar Door
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Three's a Crowd
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Strange Behavior
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