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The Observatory Calendar and Schedule


(Rev. August 09, 2011)

General Information

Both the McCormick and Fan Mountain observatories are now reserved through an online web calendar. The Calendars are used to schedule events and observing runs. There is a calendar for each of the observatories which is found at:

Authorized users may reserve time at either McCormick or Fan Mountain. See Ricky Patterson or the webmaster for information on how to reserve either observatory

To browse the calendar, use the McCormick Calendar and the Fan Mountain Calendar links. To reserve the observatory, use the Reserve Observatory link.

Reserving an Observatory

Before reserving an observatory (referred to as Adding an event on the observatories calendar page), you should make sure that the observatory is available during the times you intend to use it. This can be checked easily by using the list view option on the calendar page for the specific observatory.

You need to login to be able to reserve any of the observatories. Contact the course TA to know your group's login id and the password. You can change your password at any time on the login page.

Once logged into the calendar, choose the link add event. At the following page, you need to fill in the following fields:

After filling in all the above fields, use the Submit event link to reserve the observatory. If there is a problem with the form, it will take you to a page showing the problem. Correct that and submit the page again.

Once you submit an event correctly, it will show you the details of the event added. Make sure the information there is correct. If not, use the Edit this event button to change the event and submit it again.

Changing or Deleting the Reservations

If you later want to cancel or update your reservation, you need to login into the calendar again and first find that event using the search events link. At this page you can limit your searches by different criteria, such as the start and end dates, instrument use, etc. One of the most useful limiting criterion for you would be to search within your events (use the check-box corresponding to My events), which will display only your events. Once you find your event, use the Edit event link to either update or delete the event.

Note: Do NOT reserve the observatories for times/days you don't need. The telescopes are heavily used and you should give others (including your fellow ASTR3130 or ASTR5110 students) equitable chance for observing.

The following applies to ASTR 3130 students only:

To insure that a single group does not take up all the observatory time, the following policy will be followed:

The observatories calendar will not let any group sign-up for more than two hours of observatory time each night. A group can, however sign up for more hours for a particular night under the following circumstances:

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