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The Fan Mountain Observatory 10-inch Astrograph


(Rev. August 06, 2007)

General Information

The 10-inch Astrograph is located at the Fan Mountain Observatory. It is a wide-field camera for photographing large sections of the sky. Over 900 red dwarf stars have been discovered with this instrument. It is currently (2007) being refurbished by members of the Charlottesville Astronomical Society for a joint project with the Astronomy Department. The following procedures may be outdated by the time you read this.

Opening procedure

  1. Red and white light switches are to the left of the door as you come in.

  2. Open dome by hand. Handles are on the shutters.

  3. Uncover 10-inch and the finder.

Telescope Operation

  1. The switches for the drive and the circle lights are mounted on the declination tangent arm.

  2. The hand paddle controls the dome movement and RA (right ascension) guide.

  3. Declination guide is manual tangent arm.

  4. The telescope is clamped in right ascension and declination by hand wheels. Loosen these wheels and move the telescope by hand. Clamp telescope when you have found your field in the finder.

  5. In the box on the middle table, you will find a 32mm Brandon eyepiece which is used for low power with the finder. Also the focusing eyepiece for the 10-inch is kept here. It is a K25mm.

  6. Remove the 12.5mm eyepiece and barlow from the 6-inch finder. (Just let it hang from the cord.) Insert the 32mm Brandon eyepiece. This gives about 32 power. (wide field)

  7. Use the 12.5mm eyepiece and barlow for guiding. This eyepiece has a battery controlled reticle.

  8. On the top of the Astrograph, there is a Telarod reflex finder. It projects a $1/2^\circ$, $2^\circ$, and $4^\circ$ reticle on the sky. It also is battery operated.

  9. Use the K25mm eyepiece with the finding plate located in the tailpiece to locate your region in the Astrograph. Hold the eyepiece base against the glass and scan your field.

  10. To focus the Astrograph, hold the K25mm eyepiece against the finding plate and look at a bright star. Focus with the chain wheel.

  11. The plate holder is located in the station house darkroom. It is in the second drawer down to the left.

  12. Remove the finding plate from the Astrograph and insert the plate holder in its place. The shutter is the dark slide.

Closing Down

  1. Turn off drive and circle lights.

  2. Return finding plate to the tailpiece.

  3. Turn of reticle and the telarod reflex sight.

  4. Stow the telescope on the east side of the pier parallel to the floor pointing south.

  5. Cover the optics, clamp axis.

  6. Close the dome and rotate it to the east (left, if you are in the doorway facing the telescope).

  7. Fill out the log book and turn off lights.

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