Welcome to the website of Mirza Mohammad Monzure Elahi. My goal is to pursue research in computational nanoelectronics – a bridge connecting material properties (DFT) to circuit level implementations (spice). As Moore's law is continuing to push the semiconductor industry to its edge in terms of material properties limit, it is time to explore new materials, architectures and possibly a new way of computation other than Boolean logic. With the help of high-performance computational power, nowadays it is possible to guide experimentalists to right direction beforehand rather than doing the whole experiments. 2D Dirac materials have been of immense interest for last decade due to their potential (e.g. high mobility, high thermal conductivity, tunable bandgap) in various electronic applications and transport modeling helps us to benchmark their performances against state-of-the-art materials as well as finding new applications. I explored graphene and topological insulators for logic applications and collaborated with experimentalists in a harmonious way to achieve better results. Ranging From confirming basic physics to benchmarking higher order effects (different non-idealities), all these are crucial for better device performance. Depending on the system, semi-classical or fully quantum mechanical transport modeling can give us insights of what is actually going on and where we need to concentrate on realizing device ideas and elevate it to industry level standard. Thus I think computational modeling can play a big role in future advancements in this ever challenging but exciting journey beyond CMOS era.