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The Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) will be organizing a series of roundtables that will take place during its 61st Annual Conference "'Nuestro norte es el sur': Mapping Resistance and Resilience in Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian studies," May 9-13, 2016, hosted by the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Emerging from a desire to explore the implications of globalization on academia, and, in particular, on area studies, these roundtables have been designed to facilitate an open and integrative space in which all participants (presenters and attendants) can reflect, discuss, challenge, make recommendations and build collaborations for future directions in Latin American Studies. They also seek to actively involve participation from the core constituents of area studies teaching and learning, including representatives from the scholarly research, publishing, teaching and librarianship communities.

The roundtables will provide a forum to continue the dialog that took place at the "Collaboration, Advocacy, and Recruitment: Area and International Studies Librarianship Workshop" held at Indiana University in October 2013 and the roundtable "The Impact of Campus Internationalization on the Research Library" held at last year's SALALM conference. These discussions addressed the fact that the focus on globalization in higher education requires a deep and broad understanding of all cultures and societies, which translates to a greater demand for international resources. What is the impact on globalized campuses and how will this fact influence the support for area and international collections and services without forgetting the question of the privileged position of the Global North in Latin American and the Caribbean academic discourse?

Themes, questions, and readings

Roundtable 1. Theme : Collaboration
Roundtable 2. Theme: Designing for the future
Roundtable 3. Theme: Advocacy

Basic readings for all three themes

Location & Time

These roundtables will take place on Monday May 9, 2016 (Omni Hotel), and on Tuesday May 10, 2016 at the Auditorium of the Harrison Institute at University of Virginia.

Roundtable Organizers:

Paloma Celis-Carbajal, University of Wisconsin at Madison.
Luis Gonzalez, Indiana University at Bloomington.
Alison Hicks, University of Colorado at Boulder.
Miguel Angel Valladares Llata, University of Virginia at Charlottesville

Student Participation Coordination:

Michelet Mclean Estrada, University of Virginia at Charlottesville
Nora Díaz Chávez. University of Wisconsin at Madison


These Roundtables are supported by University of Virginia Library ; Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation, University of Virginia ; Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM); University of Wisconsin-Madison Library