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I am currently an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia. My research focus in algebraic topology, and as part of the topology group, I manage the Topology Seminar Website. Starting in Summer, 2015, I will be a Professor at UCLA.

Prior to my appointment at UVA, I was a visitor for a year at Harvard, a Whyburn Instructor at UVA, and a graduate student at MIT.

Travel Calendar

With the end of the semester comes a busy travel period. Here is my Travel GCal. The default is "Charlottesville"

Popular Press on Recent Work

Mike Hopkins and Doug Ravenel and I recently settled the Kervaire Invariant problem. Doug maintains a fantastic website with links to most of the talks the three of us have given, PDFs of source materials, and notes from courses about the topic. It's a must read for the curious.

One of the most exciting parts is that this has been written up in popular science magazines.