This is the webpage for PHYS 2040 Workshop

  Course Coordinator Dr. Maxim Bychkov

The purpose of this webpage is to gather in one place all of the schedules, announcements and policies pertaining to the PHYS 2040 class. Please access the following links. In case you can't find the information you need contact the course coordinator at the e-mail address provided above.

Introduction and general information Class policies can be found here. It is important that you familiarise your self with this document.
Link to Lab Videos Here you can find detailed videos on how to do labs. Very usefull in preparing to the labs
Experiment Schedule Experiment schedule for the Spring 2014 semester
Lab Section Schedule Schedule of the section and the TA information can be found here. The cell content is: section number, TA's name, room number
TA office hours Schedule of the TA office hours can be found here.
Online Workshop Manual You MUST purchase the Manual from the bookstore. The link is provided for you convenience in doing the post-lab quizzes
Link to WebAssign for UVa students and faculty Look here for your pre-lab homework and post-lab quiz. Your username and password are the same as your UVa email account.
WebAssign tutorial and help Look here if you need help in using WebAssign. NOTE: Sections 1, 2, and 3.3 do not apply to UVa students accessing WebAssign via WebAssign for UVa link. UVa students should use their CMS username and password to log in (see link above).