These pdf files are useful for working out the post-lab quiz.

Every student must purchase a lab manual.

These files can not be used to print out the manual for lab

except Summer session 2014 Lab05 and Lab12.

List of changes and additions to your Fall2013 Manual for the Summer 2014

Lab1 Physical Measuremens

Lab2 One Dimentional Motion

Lab3 Velocity and Accelaration

Lab4 Force and Motion

Lab5 Projectile Motion

NEW --- Lab5 Projectile Motion ---NEW

Lab6 Gravitational and Passive Forces

Lab7 Collisions and Momentum-Newton's Third Law

Lab8 Work and Energy

Lab9 Rotational Dynamics

Lab10 Harmonic Motion and the Pendulum

Lab11 Free, Damped. and Forced Oscillations

Lab12 The ideal Gas Law

NEW --- Lab12 The ideal Gas Law ---NEW

Appendix A

Appendix C

Appendix E