University of Virginia, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

MSE 6020: Defects and Microstructure in Materials
Spring 2015, Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30 - 4:45 pm
Rice Hall 032
animated gif file Instructor: Leonid V. Zhigilei
Office: Wilsdorf Hall 303D
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 - 11:00 am & open
Telephone: (434) 243 3582

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Grading: homework 25%, 2 mid-term exams 30%; final exam 35%; presentation/discussion 10%

Abstract: Basic course designed to provide a foundation for correlating defect structure and microstructure with physical, mechanical and chemical properties of engineering materials. The fundamental properties of point, line and surface defects in ordered media will be formulated. The thermodynamics of point defects in various types of solids will be discussed as well as the geometry and mechanics of crystal dislocations and their role in crystal plasticity elucidated. The essential elements of microstructure will be characterized emphasizing the concepts of phase constitution, microconstituent, polycrystalline aggregate and multiphase materials. The concept of real materials embodying a hierarchy of structures is emphasized. The principles governing the genesis and stability of material structure at various levels will be discussed.

Main (optional) textbooks:
D. Hull and D. J. Bacon, Introduction to Dislocations, 5th edition (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2011) or earlier editions.

D. A. Porter and K. E. Easterling, Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys, 2nd edition (Chapman & Hall, 1992). This textbook (2nd edition) was reprinted by CRC Press in 2003; 3rd edition was published by CRC Press in 2009.

A. Kelly, G. W. Groves, P. Kidd, Crystallography and Crystal Defects (John Wiley and Sons, 2000).

S. M. Allen and E. L. Thomas, The Structure of Materials (John Wiley and Sons, 1999).

R. Swalin, Thermodynamics of Solids, 2nd edition (John Wiley and Sons, 1972).

J. M. Howe, Interfaces in Materials: Atomic Structure, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Solid-Vapor, Solid-Liquid and Solid-Solid Interfaces (John Wiley & Sons, 1997).

Lecture notes: will appear at this Web page as course progresses.

Syllabus in pdf

Topics that are covered include:

Introduction     Notes

Point defects
    Point defects in ionic crystals
    Duffusion Line Defects
    Dislocations - basics
    Dislocations - stress field and energy
    Forces acting on dislocations
    Movement of dislocations
    Partial dislocations in fcc Planar Defects
    Interfaces - basics, nucleation theory
    Grain boundaries and interphase interfaces

Papers for in-class discussion

topic original article comment reply discussion leader date
Electrochemical transients in anodic oxidation of aluminum article comment reply Raymond Santucci February 24
Vacancy annihilation in the growth of scales on metals article comment reply Ian Pardoe March 24
Observation of low-temperature elastic softening due to vacancies in Si article, news story comment reply Rebekah Webster March 26
Control of radiation damage by graphene encapsulation article Joshua Vajda March 26
Connection between vacancies and melting article comment reply Cheng-Yu Shih March 31
Theoretical STM images of As surface vacancy article comment reply Joseph Tatusko and Cameron Volders March 31
Direct imaging of columnar vacancies in quasicrystals article comment reply Erica Moore April 7
Contributions of vacancies and self-interstitials to self-diffusion in Si article1, article2 comment reply Jeroen Deijkers April 9
Free migration of interstitials in tungsten, dislocation pinning article comment reply Cory Parker April 14
Void growth by dislocation emission article1, article2 comment reply Anthony Naccarelli and John McGrorey April 14
Grain boundary-mediated plasticity article comment reply Lauren Costella and Kimberly Scheider April 16
Vacancy concentration in metals and alloys (theory) article comment reply1, reply2 Maxim Shugaev April 21
Dislocation interactions with semicoherent precipitates article comment reply Zachary Harris and Michael Hutchison April 21
Electronic structure of the N-V center in diamond article comment reply Naiming Liu April 23
Defects in thin-film CdTe solar cells article Andrew Foukal April 23
Lattice resistance to dislocation motion at the nanoscale article comment reply Christopher Kassner and Andrew Neils April 28
Ceep by motion of jogged screw dislocations article1, article2 comment reply Robert Klein April 28
Hydrogen solubility in metals article comment reply Zachary Hoffman April 28     Computational Materials Group     Materials Science & Engineering