Lisa Colosi Peterson

Associate Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Program

University of Virginia


Water and energy are critical resources. The Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is committed to  creating and disseminating knowledge related to all aspects of increasingly sustainable water and energy systems. My research group is interested in improving drinking water quality via identification and removal of certain organic contaminants.  We also use life cycle assessment (LCA), which is an environmental accounting tool, to evaluate the sustainability of water and energy infrastructures, most notably algae-to-energy systems. Please contact me ( for more information about becoming a research assistant in our group.


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Photos (clockwise from upper left): A typical municipal wastewater treatment plant, Sheree Pagsuoyoin receives her doctoral (PhD) “hood”, CEE undergrads work on a drinking water treatment project, and a demonstration of laboratory methods related to microbial organisms during CE 4120.