I received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and the Ph.D. degree from Yale University. In addition to having been a faculty member at the University for 25 years, I have held research and visiting positions at Penn State University, UCLA, Princeton University, the University of Geneva, and the Eigenössiche Technische Hochschule, Zurich.

Research interests:
My research interests in mathematical physics include quantum mechanics (Schrödinger operators, semi-classical and high-energy limit problems) and statistical physics (classical and quantum lattice spin systems). Most recently I have been working in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

Some recent articles include:

(with Luc Rey-Bellet) Exponential convergence to non-equilibrium stationary states in classical statistical mechanics. Commun. Math. Phys. 225 (2002) 305-329. reprint.

(with Luc Rey-Bellet) Fluctuations of the entropy production in anharmonic chains. Ann. Henri Poincare 3 (2002), 483-502. reprint.

(with Almut Burchard) On the Cauchy problem for a dynamical Euler's elastica, Commun Partial Diff. Equations 28 (1 & 2) (2003) 271-300. reprint.

(with Luc Rey-Bellet) Low regularity solutions to a gently stochastic nonlinear wave equation in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, Stochastic Processes and their Applications 115 1041-1059 (2005) reprint

(with Almut Burchard) On an isoperimetric inequality for a Schrödinger operator depending on the curvature of a loop, J. Geometric Analysis 15, 543-563 (2005). reprint.

(with Y. Wang) On a linear stochastic wave equation modeling heat flow, Contemporary Mathematics 447, Adventures in Mathematical Physics, ed. F. Germinet and P.D. Hislop, p. 237-248, (2007). reprint.

(with R.L. Frank, E.H. Lieb, R. Seiringer) Bi-polaron and N-polaron binding energies (2010). arXiv:1004.1196

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