Dynamic Monitoring of College Students’ Mental Health: A Holistic Framework

Sponsor: Hobby Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Science

Knowledge discovery in electronic health records to identify patterns predictive of mental health disorders

The first part of the project will use a large national database of student medical and mental health treatment services for over 1 million students and 6 million visits at 31 campuses to better understand utilization trends of health services and identify relationships between diagnoses College Health Surveillance Network .

Design of mobile sensing technology to support intense, longitudinal, dynamic tracking of anxious and depressed college students

The second part of the project will design mobile sensing technology evaluate how college students mood changes as they interact alone and with others in the college campus environment. This will provide critical information about how students’ mental health problems are maintained, and will set the stage to evaluate how these students’ interactions on campus shift following treatment (Study 2b). The flexibility and portability of mobile applications means that data collection is highly scalable to generate large scale, highly networked, and longitudinal intra- and inter-individual data on which novel computational data analytic techniques could be developed to offer key insights into emotion regulation and treatment-seeking behavior of college students.