Strategic Choices for Global Energy: Constraints from Feedbacks in the Climate Structure

Inaugural Marie Payne Graham Public Chemistry Lecture

April 1, 8:00 PM

Room 190, Gilmer Hall

presented by:

James G. Anderson

Philip S. Weld Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Earth and Planetary Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University


In this talk, Prof. Anderson will address the strategic choices facing modern industrial society as it tries to meet an escalating global demand for energy.  Massive energy production effects the climate system by feedbacks, where consequences are themselves drivers of further change.   The question then becomes, will feedbacks in the climate structure lead to irreversible changes in climate? Given the magnitude of increasing energy demand and a quantitative analysis of the options, what are the feedbacks within the climate structure that constrain the available strategies? What role do the physical sciences play in selecting policies for the United States?

This talk is intended for a general audience; Admission is free.