In the Öberg Astrochemistry Lab we pursue laboratory ice experiments and astronomical observations that address

  1. 1.the chemical evolution present during star and planet formation,

  2. 2.the fundamental physical chemical processes that underpin this evolution,

  3. 3.and the development of new molecular probes of different astrophysical phenomena.

If you are interested in joining, please email Karin Öberg at or stop by our labs 128 & 130 in the Chemistry building at McCormick Rd.

Upcoming Events:

20 Feb 2013. UVa Space Sciences Day. Register at Mahesh, Trish, Dawn and Karin will present new results on our ice experiment, temperature dependent isomerization in protoplanetary disks, and chemical differentiation in protostellar envelopes.

25 Feb 2013. First Workshop on Laboratory Astrophysics in Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii. Mahesh and Karin will be presenting the latest results on our ice experiments.


11 Feb 2013. Congratulations to Dawn Graninger on passing her Candidacy Exam!

14 Jan 2013. Ph D. student Cameron Charness joins the Öberg group.

1 Dec 2012. Ph. D. student Trish Lauck joins the Öberg group.

13 Nov 2012. Karin Öberg gives the astronomy colloquium Molecular Probes of Protoplanetary Disks at MIT, Cambridge, MA.

29-31 Oct 2012. Karin Öberg speaks on IR Ice Spectroscopy at Molecular Spectroscopy in the Era of far-IR Astronomy, Emory, Atlanta, Ga.

22 Oct 2012. Karin Öberg accepts invitation to speak at Gordon Conference on Origins of Solar Systems. Mount Holyoke, MA, June 23-28 2013.