Kenneth G. Elzinga
Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics
Econ 201 | Econ 420
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Kenneth G. Elzinga


Mr. Elzinga is the Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia.




















Mr. Elzinga teaches two courses:

Current Research Topics

  • Economics of Resale Price Maintenance
  • Economics of the Firm and the Congregation
  • Predatory Pricing

Past Research Topics

Teaching Philosophy

Other Interests

Marshall Jevons Fund

Department of Economics at UVA

* It has come to our attention that a blogger has recently begun writing under the pseudonym "Marshall Jevons." This blogger is in no way associated with William Breit or Kenneth G. Elzinga, and the opinions expressed in his blog are not representative of Mr. Breit or Mr. Elzinga.
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