I am an evolutionary ecologist with an interest in the evolutionary and selective forces that generate divergence within species, leading to the formation of new species.  My primary focus is on understanding how cooperation and conflict lead to co-evolution, and the consequences of this co-evolution for generating divergence and diversity. We often think of cooperation and conflict as structuring interactions in populations and societies, but similar dynamics play out within organisms, and even within eukaryotic cells. I have developed American bellflower, C. americana, as a model system for studying the causes and consequences of conflict and co-evolution between the nuclear and organelle genomes. In particular, I am interested in how cytonuclear conflict and co-evolution within populations may lead to cytonuclear incompatibility between populations, driving speciation.


Karen B. Barnard-Kubow


Karen B. Barnard-Kubow

063 Gilmer Hall

University of Virginia

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kbkubow “at” virginia.edu