Jonathon Z. Schuch, M.Eng., P.E.
Assistant Professor of Medical Education
Director of Occupational Health and Wellness
Rehabilitation Engineer

University of Virginia

Telephone: 434-989-2065
Email Address:

Mr. Schuch is a Licensed Professional Engineer, an Assistant Professor of Medical Education at the University of Virginia, is the Director of Occupational Health and Wellness, and is the Health System's rehabilitation engineer. Throughout his career, Mr. Schuch has been actively involved in service delivery, education, and research related to assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering, with expertise related to wheelchairs, specialized seating to manage posture and prevent pressure sores, transportation services, paratransit, and wheelchair safety. Mr. Schuch has consulted with government, industry, and non-profit organizations to improve the delivery of assistive technology services and devices to individuals with disabilities. Mr. Schuch is often called upon as an expert witness in cases involving: intellectual property and patent infringement disputes; wheelchair safety; wheelchair stability and related tipover accidents; walkers and rollators; hospital beds; pressure sores; burns; public and private wheelchair transportation; wheelchair securement in vehicles; and, ADA concerns.

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