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Drama 506 - Fall 99


"In sum, the avant-gardes had the function of creating the primitive, or, better, primordial condition out of which is then born the creator found at the beginning of a new series"  - Massimo Bontempelli

"Futurism was the pre-vision of all that (the imminent social and political crises, the explosions and catastrophes of history to come) within the sphere or art"  - Leon Trotsky

"Humanity is going to know what the destiny of the human race is .... Along with the hymn to happiness, the dolorous and depressing ode...  To lay bare with a brutal brush all the brutalities, all the filth, which are at the base of our society" -      -Gabriel-Desire Laverdant-

"Modern art is the expression of the lonely human being, of the individual who feels himself to be different, either tragically or blessedly different from his fellows" - Arnold Hauser

"The identifying signature of avant-garde art, all the way back to Bakunin and his anarchist journal L'Avant-Garde in 1878, has been an unremitting hostility to contemporary civilization." - Christopher Ines

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