Jeffrey Dill


Research Interests: Education and Culture

Dissertation project:

“Schooling Cosmopolitans: Constructing Global Culture in the Classroom”

The project offers a qualitative description of how high school teachers across a variety of school types work to legitimate a cosmopolitan social imaginary and create a particular kind of self for world society.   In this effort, teachers are world-makers, constructing global culture by forming and re-forming the social narratives within which students make sense of the world as a whole, and cultivating an expansive view of agency for social reform, to change (and even save) a contingent and fragile world.  But on the other hand, although the movement reveals some innovation, it has deep sources and continuities with long term historical processes rooted in the modern project to remake the self as an agent for reform in the world. In this sense, teachers in the study may be world-makers, but they are making a world that has already made them.



  1. 2009.“Teaching the Virtues of a Global Citizen: The Demands of a 21st Century Education” Culture 3.2 (Fall)

2009. “Preparing for Public Life: School Sector and the Educational Context of Lasting Citizen Formation” Social Forces 87(3): 1265-1290.

2007. “Durkheim and Dewey and the Challenges of Contemporary Moral Education.” Journal of Moral Education 36(2): 221-237.

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