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I am currently a graduate student in the Quantitative Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Virginia. My primary advisor is Brian Nosek. I have my MA in Quantitative Psychology from the University of Notre Dame, while I was in their Joint Ph.D. program in Quantitative Psychology and Computer Science, working with Steven M. Boker. In May, I will be starting full-time as the co-director for the nonprofit I co-founded--the Center for Open Science; my emphasis will be leading the development of the Open Science Framework and overseeing direction of other technologies that the COS sponsors, as well as forging relationships in the open-source/open-science community and conducting meta-science (science of science) research.

I am a LIFE Fellow (more later).


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Quantitative Psychology, May 2013
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Masters of Arts

Quantitative Psychology, December 2007
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (advisor Steven M. Boker)
Thesis: Local Sequence Alignment as a Method to Detect Temporal Patterns in Behavioral Data

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science, Second Major: Psychology, Cum Laude, May 2004
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN


Open Science Framework (2012-Present)

This is my dissertation project as well as the flagship project for the Center for Open Science:

Faces in Conversation (2005-2011)

More later

HDTreeV (2005-Present)

HDTreeV (High Dimensional Tree Visualization) is an open source, multidimensional visualization tool that will be going online shortly. It was originally named TreeView and won the SGI Award for Computational Science and Visualization in 2005; the project submission can be found here.

Video Conferencing Software (2008-2009)

This is software that we wrote that allows for high-presence, (extremely) low-bandwidth, apparent 3D video conferencing with a single camera. Through the UVA Patent Foundation, we secured a provisional patent and have since then applied for a full patent.

OpenMx (2007-2011)

I am one of the core developers of OpenMx, a free, open source structural equation modeling software package for R.


ToBioGraphics: This is a freely available utlity I wrote to parse and convert gene prediction output (genscan, geneid, and fgenesh) to be used in the Bio::Graphics module, a really great sequence feature visualization tool. An online version of the Bio:Graphics module is Wormbase's Sequence Feature Renderer. I used this renderer in a bioinformatics project and discovered that people generally do this conversion by hand (sometimes taking hours to do).






Information about Nullshop can be found at


UVA Psyc 7765 - 001
Fundamentals of Statistical Computing for Behavioral and Social Scientists


Fall 2011 - PDF Format



Introduction to R with Applications in Data Mining
Co-presented by Julian Karch




Kathleen Ashenfelter, Paul Baltes, Tim Bates, Colin Bauer, Steve Boker, Tim Brick, Sy-Miin Chow, Daniel Claassen, Jeff Cohn, Kathy Eberhard, Ryne Estabrook, John Fox, Rachel Keen, Michael Kubovy, Matthew Lerner, Ulman Lindenberger, Shu-Chen Li, Gitta Lubke, Hermine Maes, Matt Motyl, Mike Neale, Brian Nosek, Open Science Collaboration Matthias Scheutz, Michael Spiegel, Rob West, Mike Wilde


Brian Nosek (advisor), ...

Other Collaborators

These are people that I have the pleasure of collaborating with on a regular basis, but have not (yet) published with.

Geneva Dodson, Monica Erbacher, Yueqin (Jean) Hu, Michael Kubovy, John Nesselroade

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Rudolf Hermann LotzeCarl StumpfHerbert S. LangfeldGordon W. AllportAnthony G. GreenwaldMahzarin BanajiBrian Nosek

Academic Lineage (Masters)

Wilhelm WundtCharles SpearmanRaymond B. CattellJohn R. NesselroadeSteven M. Boker

Erdos Number

Fairly soon, I'll have an Erdos number of 4:

Paul Erdos → Andrew M. OdlyzkoGian-Carlo RotaJohn David Fox

Thanks to Ryne for making that discovery.